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The Apprentice Experience

Studying as an apprentice will be a different experience to our regular undergraduates and will at times be challenging. You will have to balance your study with a full-time role, although you are entitled to paid time off to study. But, there are a host of benefits to choosing an apprenticeship, including:

As an apprentice student you’ll join a community of over 37,000 other learners. You will get all the benefits that come with being a student here, such as teaching recognised for its excellence, fantastic facilities, a full range of support services and access to a 24-hour library. The great thing is that many of our services are also available to you online.

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Hear from our current apprentices

▶  Charley Denny, AstraZeneca▶  James Jarrard, Shaping Cloud

Other things to consider

Is an apprenticeship right for me?

Apprenticeships are a great option for people of any age. People choosing an apprenticeship can get the best of both worlds, a degree and a full-time job.

Combining studying and working can be a challenge. However, our courses complement the tasks you are responsible for undertaking at work, allowing you to progress both academically and professionally during the programme. You will receive the support of a workplace mentor and a tutor from the university, who will conduct regular progress meetings and reviews.

We find that people who make a good apprentice student are:

  • People who learn best by doing
  • Confident
  • Independent
  • Hard working
  • Resilient
  • Organised
  • Good communicators, and
  • Effective team workers.

As well as your academic education, the university supports you to develop these ‘soft skills’, through workshops during your first year of study.

This means that being a success as an apprentice is about having more than just good grades. To maximise your chances of success, try your best to demonstrate the other qualities employers are looking for during the application process.

How much does an apprenticeship cost?

Tuition Fees

This is the good news. Students studying at Manchester Met as part of an apprenticeship programme don't have to pay any tuition fees.

University fees are paid by your employer and the government.


You can expect to earn a minimum starting salary of around £12,000 per year, although some employers pay significantly more. You will be paid as a full-time employee throughout the programme.

You are entitled to paid time off for study, whether that is here in Manchester, tutor-supported distance learning or some periods of self-study.


You are a full-time employee, so you will be entitled to paid annual leave of a minimum of 20 days per year, plus bank holidays.

Although you may not have to study during university holidays, you are not entitled to this time off work and would be expected to attend work as usual.

Additional Costs

For most apprenticeships you will need access to your own computer and to travel into Manchester for some taught sessions. You should clarify with your employer whether they will contribute towards these costs.

Student Support

All apprenticeship students have access to the range of support services at Manchester Met. A dedicated apprenticeships support officer can offer general guidance, pastoral support and signpost students to the correct source of help (including external agencies, where appropriate). Your support officer can also offer one-to-one sessions on study skills, including topics such as academic writing, report writing, referencing, critical writing and research skills.


Students studying with us as part of an apprenticeship don't qualify for student accommodation. However, if you are looking for people to share with, let us know and we'll do our best to introduce you to apprentices in the same situations.

Students studying an apprenticeship don’t normally qualify for a council tax exemption. Please contact your local council office for advice on your own situation.