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Opening: Don't Feed Exploitation Exhibition

Tuesday, 2nd May 2017
From: 16:30
Until: 17:30

Opening of our exhibition in support of Fairtrade. 

It was the idea of one of Manchester Metropolitan’s students to hold this exhibition to show our support for Fairtrade. 

This exhibtion is intended to highlight the themes of this year’s Fairtrade Fortnight, those of Modern Slavery and Exploitation, but also highlight the our status as a Fairtrade University. 

It goes largely unsaid that the disposable fashion we wear, or the chocolate we eat on a break has reached us through tasteless means. We would help a stranger on the street and yet we forget that there is something so simple we can do to help strangers across the world - by buying Fairtrade. Ensuring the fair and decent treatment of those who are part of our supply chains and who are all too often forgotten.

The artists displayed in this exhibition aim to highlight such issues through their chosen media. We hope you will enjoy the pieces and that they encourage you to think about any possible changes you could make which would lead to the better treatment of the farmers and workers behind our favourite products.

Free Fairtrade Wine & Snacks available. 

Link Gallery, Grosvenor Building
All Saints Campus
M15 6BG

Event contact: Ryan Waugh · 0161 2475957 ·

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