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Severe weather

Opening of MMU Campuses


In view of the ongoing wintry weather conditions, Directorate has approved a policy regarding the continuity of MMU operations and a communications plan which build on lessons learnt last winter. The key points are:

‑ Information will be gathered from internal and external sources about conditions on each campus and in the immediate region to enable accurate and swift decision to be taken on whether or not to close MMU operations due to weather conditions. Weather conditions and decisions may vary between Manchester and Cheshire.

‑ In the event of a significant deterioration in overnight weather conditions, we recommend that you refer to the communication channels below before setting off for study or work.

‑ If no message is communicated via these channels, MMU is open as normal.

‑ Please note that the Halls of Residence will remain open at all times even through extreme weather conditions.

‑ We recommend that you make a paper or e‑copy of this advice to consult as necessary.

Communication of closure

For the convenience of student, staff and visitors, information will be provided across a range of communication channels in the event of a complete or partial closure of the University.

In the event of a decision to close the University for a day, every effort will be made to implement the following communications plan at 6.00am on that day. Information will be updated at 6.00pm for the following day.

1. ‑ the central banner on our website homepage will change to provide information that the University is closed ‑ it will be date & time stamped for the day in question, and linked to our weather page.

2. 0161 247 6000 ‑ this new MMU Campus Information Line will be updated and will play a recorded message with the latest information relating to closure.

3. Email ‑ an email will be sent to all staff, non‑university employees who work on‑campus, and off‑campus program employees.

4. Local media ‑ we will contact all local radio & television services in the region.

5. Global WebCT ‑ a message will be sent to all students and will be posted on the student portal homepage

6. Twitter / Facebook ‑ a message will be posted on our main MMU accounts.

7. Non desk‑based staff ‑ Facilities Management will distribute relevant details to all Facilities non desk‑based staff

Communication of reopening

As soon as conditions make it possible, we will advise that the University is open through the same communication channels.

Our aim will be to provide updated information by 6.00pm through these channels ahead of a reopening, or continuing closure, of the University the following day.

Mary Heaney
Director of Services

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