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Carbon footprint shrinks again!

University is 'exemplar'

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Birley Fields promises to be the greenest campus in the UK

A GREEN watchdog has praised the University after it sliced another 5% from its carbon footprint.

Manchester Metropolitan is an ‘exemplar of public sector practice’, says the Carbon Trust, a government-backed body which helps organisations to become more environmentally-friendly.

Our total carbon output fell by 4.9% in 2009/10 due to a raft of initiatives on heating, lighting, energy and waste, including:

"technological and cultural changes are making us a beacon of sustainability"

- Solar panels on the All Saints and Student Union buildings reduced our pull on the National Grid.

- Several non-efficient buildings closed.

- Energy ratings for each building heightened awareness.

- Student Switch-Off and recycling save energy and waste.

The University’s environment team said technological and cultural changes are making us a beacon of sustainability.

"On the technological side, we are investing 166k in more efficient fume cupboards for our science laboratories saving 247 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year,” says Carbon Reduction Manager Sam Pickles.

"And we are building sustainability into all new projects, such as the Business School/Student Hub and the new Birley Fields campus.

"Equally important is changing everyday behaviour – cutting down on photocopying, switching off computers, and such like."

Long way to go

But despite rapid progress towards sustainability, there was a long way to go in becoming truly green, he stressed.

"As a university we consume 50 tonnes of paper each year in photocopying, a rather shocking quantity. With everyone’s help, we can reduce this substantially," said Sam.

New targets approved by the Board of Governors aim to cut 2005 level carbon usage by 35% by 2016.

Manchester Metropolitan achieved the Carbon Trust Standard in June 2010.

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