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'Smoke-Free Campus' starts

Students and staff offered help to quit

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THE UNIVERSITY has today launched its ‘Smoke-Free Campus’ initiative to encourage people to quit smoking for 2013.

Research shows that 70% of smokers want to give up while the majority of people want to walk around campus without breathing in other people’s smoke.

The initiative has two strands: firstly to extend no-smoking zones at All Saints and secondly to work with the NHS to offer support to students and staff wanting to quit.

Quit Smoking stands with Manchester Stop Smoking Service offer advice and support every Tuesday starting today (Tuesday, January 15) until the 19 Feb in All Saints reception - 11.30am until 1.30pm

NHS cooperation

Pete Gibbs, Deputy Director of HR, said: “MMU is working towards a clean, smoke-free campus to protect the health of staff, students and visitors. With the cooperation of Manchester Stop Smoking Service and our colleagues and students, we hope to improve health and make a better environment.”

Smoking boundaries have been demarcated around main entrances and new ‘smoke-free corridors’ established outside the Schools of Business and Law, John Dalton, the Sir Kenneth Green Library, Chatham and Geoffrey Manton.

Abbie Paton, Senior Public Health Development Specialist for the Manchester Stop Smoking Service, said: “Manchester Stop Smoking Service are very pleased to be working with MMU to offer support to students and staff wanting to quit smoking. The benefits to people's health and pocket are huge and we look forward to supporting staff and students achieving the goal of stopping smoking.

“We’ll be at MMU every week and everyone is welcome to come down for a chat. We are very happy to talk to people about options and supporting them in any decision they make about their smoking.”

To encourage smokers to move away from buildings and thoroughfares, four new smoking shelters will be erected.



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