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Graduates' fast track to status and salary

Business IT comes up trumps

BUSINESS Information Technology graduates are on a fast-track to executive status and earnings, according to a study by MMU Business School.

One in three is earning more than £55k of those who graduated between 1995 and 2000. Two in three earn more than 36k, with just one in 10 on less than 25k.

More recent graduates – 2000-2004 - are also doing well in the salary stakes with one in nine on more than £46k, one in four on £36k or more and well over half earning over £26k.

Nationally graduate starting salaries are around £1,000 higher for business and management subjects, at £16,200.

Management jobs

Careers-wise, more than two-thirds of graduates are in management or consultancy jobs.

The survey was carried out to mark 10 years of graduates in BSc (Hons) Business Information Technology, one of the first of its kind in the UK.

Vivien Sheard, Principal Lecturer, said: “The degree prepares people well for the world of work. We are turning out people who understand both IT and business and can communicate effectively between the two specialisms.

“We are delighted with these findings as they show our graduates in roles that bridge the IT-business divide, such as project management and business consultancy.”

Data was collected from more than 200 graduates and split into two groups – those graduating from 1995-1999 and those from 2000-2004.

Where are they now?

26% - IT management and development
19% - Consultancy and business analysis
11% - Project management
15% - Business management and administration
9% - Marketing and sales
4% - Managing director
6% - education
10% - others

Added Vivien: “Our graduates have responded superbly to this survey, offering case studies of their careers, mentoring opportunities for our current students and some are even willing to visit us to give presentations and lectures.”

A successful BIT Reunion on May 14 at Manchester’s Tiger Tiger restaurant and nightspot was attended by 150 graduates and staff.

 Graduates from BIT who include several managing directors, have helped shape the new BA Digital Marketing Communications degree being offered from September 2005.

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