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Grants rise for part-time study...

...And more eligible for grant

MMU today welcomed a Government announcement to increase grants to part-time students as 'a step forward'.

The new measures - announced today at a conference on part-time students - will see an increase in the level of the fee grant for part-time undergraduate students from £1180 (per Full Time Equivalent) to around £1500 (per FTE).

In addition, the means-testing income level will be increased to make more students eligible for the fee grant.

Commenting on today's announcement, Professor Drummond Bone, President of Universities UK, said: "Universities UK supports any move towards increased support for part-time students and better funding for institutions that provide part-time study.

"Part-time students deserve the same deal received by full-time students.

Part-time students currently account for around a third of the MMU student population and are the fastest growing group in Higher Education.

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