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MMU launches virtual tour

Experience MMU

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Experience MMU

MMU has launched an online interactive tour of university life at

Using a style that’s never been used by any other UK university, the tour consists of fast moving, first-person camera shots, which manage to showcase our courses, facilities, lifestyle and atmosphere at MMU.

Designed as a portal within the ‘Experience’ section of the MMU site, the tour which is designed by magneticNorth will complement the University’s existing prospectus and online information.

Unique and exciting

Brendan Dawes, magneticNorth’s creative director, said: "Our brief from MMU was to create an immersive experience that would excite prospective students about studying at the university, but to do it in a way that has never been seen before."

Visitors to the tour can pick from Food and Hospitality, Art and Design, Humanities, Law and Social Science, Science, Engineering and Computing, Sport and Health, Education and Business. A section on Living in Manchester is also on the tour.

Users can tour building, read quick scan information and watch video clips of students and staff talking about the experiences on offer at one of the UK’s liveliest Unis.

New technology

Mike Deyes, MMU’s Internet Manager, said: "Many virtual tours can be pretty dull but we wanted to take full advantage of new technology to showcase MMU in a meaningful and immersive way.

"The tour shows what it is like to study at MMU in an imaginative, interactive and entertaining manner. Also the product has an emotive and sensory appeal which captures the life and vitality of the student experience."

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