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MMU stands up for science

Dean backs PM's call

YOUNG scientists are laying the foundations of UK growth – and entering an exciting and rewarding career, MMU’s top scientist has said.

Professor Maureen Neal said MMU was playing a huge part in "standing up for science" after Prime Minister Tony Blair today called for more scientific pioneering

The PM said standards of living in the UK depended on the new ‘knowledge economy’ which had scientists and engineers at its very heart. Science graduates are increasingly in demand and can command high salaries, particularly those with innovative ideas and skills useful for industry.

But while many universities have been scaling down their science programmes, MMU retains its traditional disciplines in chemistry, biology, mathematics, computing, geography and engineering, while starting innovative new courses and flexible ways of studying.

Cutting-edge courses

Robotics, artificial intelligence, computer game technology and environmental management are among the choices for 2007 students, while part-time courses in chemistry and new combinations of science and non-science subjects are popular options.

Last year MMU’s new science and engineering campus in central Manchester was opened by Science Minister Lord Sainsbury after a £42 million investment.

Space Camp

This coming March, the university will host a Space Camp with Russian cosmonauts during Science Week (March 9-16) – one of the largest of a series of national events by the UK science community to inspire young people into the science.

Professor Neal, Dean of the Faculty of Science and Engineering, said: "MMU is totally committed to attracting young and mature people into science and engineering. We work extensively in the local community and have made very substantial investments in making the experience of young scientists and engineers a fulfilling one.

"We echo the PM’s message that science and engineering is the cornerstone of Britain’s knowledge economy and future prosperity."

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