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Moscow looks to Manchester for inspiration

MMU showcases city's regeneration

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John Yates MMU, Dr Vilhelm Schaeffer of CDG, Louise Hope Manchester City Council and Oleg Lushnikov Head of the Russian Delegation

MOSCOW comes to Manchester this week as senior governors from 18 of Russia’s 48 regions, including the Deputy Head of Government for Moscow undertake a week-long tour of successful regeneration projects across Manchester to find out how similar projects can be replicated in Russia.

The tour has been arranged by Manchester Metropolitan University and is funded by the European Union’s €12million Managers Training Programme to enable officials in the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan to meet the challenge of restructuring in their countries.

With Manchester’s wealth once based almost exclusively on manufacturing, many areas of the city experienced extensive social, economic and physical decline as those industries disappeared.


Despite this, Manchester has survived and prospered and one key reason has been the city’s ability to recreate itself throughout the late 20th and early 21st Century, whilst retaining much of its heritage.

The city is well placed to be held up as an example of successful redevelopment and the tour kicks off with a lecture by Chrissie Gibson, Principal Lecturer in Urban Regeneration at MMU, and Sara Todd, of Manchester City Council, on renewal and regeneration in Manchester.

Throughout the week the Russian governors are exploring a range of redeveloped areas across Manchester, from inner city projects such as the Northern Quarter, the Triangle, Exchange Square and Urbis, to regeneration at Salford Quays, including the Lowry Centre and Media City, the Trafford Centre and in East Manchester.

Urban Splash

The governors are also meeting with and attend talks by key figures in regeneration and economic development in Manchester, including those at Manchester City Council, Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, Northwest Regional Development Agency, MIDAS, global engineers and planners Arup and award-winning property developers Urban Splash.

Chris Thomas, who works for the tourism department at MMU and organised the tour programme, says: "Manchester is a fantastic, forward-thinking city and the visit by the Russian governors is an excellent opportunity for us to showcase the redevelopment we have already undertaken and our visions for the future.

"It’s an honour to share our knowledge and expertise on areas such as urban regeneration, sustainable growth, encouraging investment, developing effective infrastructure, creating public/private partnerships and securing external funding. We hope the tour of Manchester will help develop a positive working relationship with Russia."

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