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Reduce your business emissions

Aviation carbon workshop

A WORKSHOP designed to help businesses in the airport sector to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is taking place in Manchester.

The one-day event on September 9 is intended to give airport operators and suppliers, from ground handlers to aircraft and terminal franchise operators, the opportunity to learn more about reducing emissions.

It is being run by Dr Paul Hooper of Manchester Metropolitan University’s Centre for Air Transport and the Environment and organiser Omega which is an aviation sustainability partnership, establishing the facts about aviation and the environment.

The £5 million Omega Project partnering the UK’s top scientists from nine universities is seeking solutions to environmental challenges posed by the growth of air travel – such as noise, air pollution and especially climate change.

Huge footprint

Dr Hooper said: "Airports and associated activities consume large amounts of energy. The energy used to heat, cool and light airports makes a huge carbon footprint.

"Reducing airport carbon emissions means minimising energy from renewable sources and, if necessary, using carbon offsetting schemes that compensate for emissions by investing in projects that create carbon savings elsewhere, such as wind farms.

"This workshop aims to share the latest information between practitioners and stakeholders towards achieving sustainability goals."

Ring Adele Bartlett on 0161 247 3658 to book a place at the event, which will be staged on Tuesday, September 9, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Manchester Airport.

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