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Guru joins Business School

David Fairhurst named Visiting Professor

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David Fairhurst

BUSINESS guru David Fairhurst has joined Manchester Metropolitan University as a Visiting Professor.

David Fairhurst, chief people officer for McDonald’s and best-known for his crusade to redefine the term ‘McJob’, will join the Business School's human resource management team.

Voted ‘Most Powerful Player’ in the industry in Personnel Today for the past two years, the straight-talker from Wigan has a knack of making his people policies seem like common sense both to McDonald's staff and the general public.

Describing himself as "relatively disruptive", David Fairhurst has a strong reputation for developing young people and using innovation and technology. One of his major achievements has been to install lecture theatres and classrooms in the McDonald’s head office in London, to train thousands of staff a year.

"We have a curriculum leadership programmes, language course, the lot. We are teaching life skills, not just job skills," he says.

Guest lectures

The MMU graduate, and former Tesco director is also remarkable for his theory that confidence is as important as competence.

As Visiting Professor, David will deliver Guest Lectures, including a high profile annual lecture – diaried for January 14, 2009. He will advise on the design of HR curriculum in line with the requirements of the profession, and provide high level mentoring to staff and alumni, and also be involved with research publications from the Business School.

Sue Shaw, Executive Head of Human Resource Management and Organisation Behaviour at MMU Business School, said: "David is one of the sharpest business brains of his generation. Academics and students have already benefited immensely from his chairmanship of the University’s Centre for Professional Personnel & Development Advisory Board.

"His energy, vision and communication skills will help now help guide the strategic direction and increased international focus of the Centre and our broader HR activities."

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