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Which careers are recession-proof?

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GRADUATES from MMU are relatively well-placed to look for a job during the recession, according to university careers bosses.

But they must start planning now if they are to avoid disappointment in the summer.

MMU Careers Service is upping support for final year students with a whole host of workshops, employer presentations, fairs and development days.

But they were encouraged by a survey this week which showed that MMU degrees lead to some of the steadiest careers in the UK.

Yahoo list

Teaching, the NHS, public services, engineering, environment, IT and accountancy are all named in a Top 10 of recession-proof careers produced by UK website Yahoo Business.

They are all professions closely linked with MMU which is one of the leading universities for professional education and training, much of it leading to public service.

According to the web's expert panel, teaching enjoys "good job security during a downturn" and the same logic applies to healthcare: just as many people need treatment in a recession as in normal times".

Information technology specialists remain much sought after, says the survey: "Typically, the more specialised the skill, the better", it concludes.

The Top 10 most recession-proof are:

1. Teaching
2. NHS
3. General public sector
4. Public engineering projects
5. Home insulation and other 'green' initiatives
6. Energy
7. IT
8. Human resources
9. Interim managers
10. Accountants/finance directors/compliance officers

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