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School Structure

With over 300 academic staff, the business school is structured around six academic departments and six research centres.


As one of the largest and most popular business faculties in the UK, we’ve supported industry and commerce since 1889. With strong links to professional bodies, global industries and the professional community, we are internationally respected for our practical application of management education. We’re known for collaborating with businesses, being innovative in our teaching methods and nurturing entrepreneurship among our students.

We provide professionally focused teaching at an undergraduate, postgraduate and research level. Our people are experts in a wide range of disciplines including accounting, business technology, law, HR, sports management, marketing, economics and events. With over 10,000 students in our faculty, you can embrace our vision to develop our students into highly employable, socially and environmentally responsible individuals.

We’re renowned for the impressive scope of our business expertise, our management and legal studies and our research activities. Taught by world-class professionals with unrivalled industry experience, our students carry out over 500 projects a year which solve live business issues for real companies. Our teaching is always relevant, engaging and current - leaving our students with the right employability skills for their professional careers.

Research firmly underpins our curriculum and our six  active research centres are respected for their international impact. Our strong external focus ensures that the research we do is transferable and supports industry and commerce locally, nationally and internationally. As part of our team you’ll have unique opportunities to work with our extensive network of global education and exchange institutions, research collaborations and alumni communities. Our approach to research is supportive and developmental – we’ll give you the time and resources you need to reach your goals and deliver industry leading accomplishments.  

From teaching Tourism Management to developing Apprenticeships and leading the way in global economic theory – the breadth of our academic career opportunities are incredible. Working alongside passionately ambitious individuals you can inspire the professionals of the future and write our next chapter at Manchester Metropolitan.

Accounting, Finance and Banking

Home to over 1,000 students, the Department of Accounting, Finance and Banking is the largest provider of accountancy training in the North West. Working across a range of undergraduate, postgraduate and professional programmes, our talented team offer extensive industry experience as active members of their profession.

The department has excellent relations with a range of industry bodies including the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW), the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), for whom we are a platinum-approved learning provider.

You can expect a working environment that promotes critical thinking, employability, flexibility and professionalism. With substantial scope for research as part of your career, our strengths as a faculty include financial planning and [what other topics?]. We teach our students the skills they need to succeed in their future professions. Based on impressive levels of student satisfaction, our dedicated team support our students as young professionals taking their first step in their careers.

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Marketing, Retail and Tourism

Department of Marketing, Retail and Tourism is one of the UK’s largest providers of education in Marketing, Digital Marketing, Advertising and Branding, Public Relations, Retail Management, Place Management and Tourism Management. Our undergraduate, apprenticeship, postgraduate and research degrees equip the next generation of managers, business leaders and researchers with the skills needed to succeed in the knowledge economy. Our key mission is to develop our students into highly employable, socially and environmentally responsible professionals.

Externally recognised for the quality of our teaching, research and the professional standing of our academics, the Department’s courses are accredited by the Chartered Institute of Marketing and the Chartered Institute of Public Relations. We are home to the internationally renowned Institute of Place Management, and we are an Institute of Travel and Tourism Centre of Excellence and an Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) Education Partner. 

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Strategy, Enterprise and Sustainability

Our popular Department of Strategy, Enterprise and Sustainability prides itself on delivering innovative programmes that are rooted in industry, driven by the global environment and reflective of evolving business trends. 

Based at our award-winning Business and Law School, our courses are developed in close co-operation with practitioners from the industry, who are also actively involved as expert guest lecturers, mentors and placement employers. Known for cultivating entrepreneurship and employability skills in our students, our specialisms range from Business Management to Business Enterprise alongside numerous multi-disciplined BA, FDA and MSC courses.

Our lively and motivated team of academics and practicing professionals create a passionate and commercially driven environment that places a real emphasis on impact driven research and applicable learning. You’ll be responsible for fostering strong links with industry and organising professional lectures with internationally recognised businesses. With a modern approach to strategy, enterprise and sustainability, our dynamic teaching practices include live projects run in conjunction with industry, Young Enterprise competitions, our Innospace graduate incubator and innovative classroom techniques.

The exceptional dedication of our professional team is mirrored by the enthusiastic and entrepreneurial attitude of our students, many of whom come from across the globe. If you’re inspired by working in a culture that is dynamic and adventurous - we invite you to share your passion with us.

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People and Performance

Renowned for fostering robust relationships with regional businesses, international organisations and leading national institutes, our People and Process Department is people-centric, commercially perceptive and innovative. Home to a team of industry leading professionals and academics, our specialisms span the spheres of strategy, innovation, enterprise, human resource management, entrepreneurship and sports management.

Our colleagues provide academic leadership for a broad undergraduate and postgraduate portfolio as well as executive educational programmes including the Masters in Sports Directorship and Executive MBA. The department is distinctive for its links to professional bodies including the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), the Chartered Management Institute and the Institute of Directors.

We cultivate a welcoming and stimulating learning environment for our students. Colleagues are encouraged to provide real-life business expertise underpinned by cutting-edge business management theory. Committed to nurturing confidence in our students, our professional team promote communication skills, leadership and independent learning. You’ll be working alongside diverse stakeholders who strive to drive change and make an impact.

Our course content is acutely linked to the needs of today’s business environment. Backed by our strong links with external organisations, applied research is high on our agenda. You’ll be fully supported to develop research projects, gain recognition in your field and influence the shape of your specialism both nationally and internationally. 

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Operations, Technology, Events and Hospitality Management

Our Operations, Technology, Events and Hospitality Management Department combines technology with creativity in a state-of-the-art learning environment.

Closely linked with professional institutes, associations and businesses, the department is based on a founding principle of education working with industry to produce career ready graduates. Committed to developing employability skills, our courses are shaped by industry leaders and developed by experts in the fields of technology, operations, events and hospitality.

Our team of academics, researchers and practicing professionals are passionate, motivated and knowledgeable. You can expect a stimulating and co-operative culture where augmented reality specialists work alongside international events lecturers and operational experts. Become a colleague here and you’ll be sharing your passion and industry knowledge with an enthusiastic cohort of students from across the globe.

Following a recent multi-million pound investment, our incredible facilities provide a modern learning environment for our students. You’ll have the opportunity to work in cutting-edge food manufacturing facilities, development kitchens and sensory taste suites using innovative food quality testing equipment. Our approach to teaching and learning is innovative, hands-on and dynamic. Working in conjunction with our partners in industry, you will be responsible for developing live projects, networking events, conferences and workplace learning.

Our department has a well-earned reputation for producing industry-led research with lasting impact in the real world. Our partnerships with regional businesses play a key role in ensuring that our research remains innovative and applicable. As part of our academic team you will have opportunities to explore the commercial connections within your specialism and play an active role in our dynamic community. 

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Economics, Policy and International Business

Led by world-class professionals and academic economists, our Department of Economics, Policy and International Business focuses on the issues that matter on a contemporary global stage.

Attracting international business academics and economists from across the globe, this department is committed to teaching excellence at both undergraduate and graduate level. Reacting to the global needs of the digital age, the teaching methodology is designed to enable students to explore the vast areas influenced by economics and policy.

Analytical, problem-solving, commercial and internationally conscious – our colleagues provide vital insight and analysis into the decisions that affect business, commerce, finance and every aspect of our daily lives. Providing insight into challenging political and financial environments, you’ll be expected to share your professional experience and real-life lessons during your teaching. With a major emphasis on instilling business acumen and employability into our students, you’ll be responsible for helping them develop the skills and knowledge valued by employers.

Using the department’s national and international links with businesses, organisations, governments and financial institutions, you will have tangible opportunities for research and career development. Our research strengths as a faculty include economic and social development. Fostering a collaborative culture across interconnected disciplines, our colleagues embrace synergistic working practices and produce research that is internationally recognised.

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