Manchester Metropolitan University

Postgraduate Study

Advance your career with a professionally focused Masters programme.

Our postgraduate Masters programmes provide opportunities to engage with employers, and to gain practical experience through short internships, live client projects and consultancy dissertations.

Through our strong links to regional and national business, we place employability at the heart of your learning. You will have the opportunity to gain practical experience through short internships, live client projects and consultancy dissertations. 

Many of our courses offer flexible postgraduate study options, and start dates twice a year. 

Accounting, Finance and Economics

AwardCourse TitleMode
  ACCA Professional Stage  Full-time
  ACCA Professional Qualification  Part-time
MSc Accounting and Finance  Full-time & Part-time
MSc  Accounting and Finance (Online Advanced Standing)  Distance learning
MSc Banking and Finance  Full-time & Part-time
MSc International Finance and Management   Full-time & Part-time
MSc Economic and Finance Analysis   Full-time & Part-time
MSc Strategic Business Management (CIMA members only)  Distance learning
MSc Strategic Business Management (Professionally Qualified) - Campus Delivery  Part-time
BA (Hons) Sustainable Performance Management (CIMA members only)  Distance learning
MBA MBA in Financial Services  Part-time

Business Management and Leadership

Business Technology

AwardCourse TitleMode
MSc Business Analytics Full-time & Part-time

Human Resource Management

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

AwardCourse TitleMode
MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management Full-time, Part-time

Marketing and Advertising

AwardCourse TitleMode
MSc Digital Marketing (part-time) Part-time
MSc Digital Marketing Communications Full-time
MSc Marketing Full-time
MSc Marketing (Communications) Full-time
MSc Marketing (Creative Advertising) Full-time

Project Management

AwardCourse TitleMode
MSc Project Management Full-time, Part-time

Public Relations

AwardCourse TitleMode
MSc Public Relations Full-time, Part-time
MSc Public Relations and Media Management Part-time distance learning
PgCert Public Relations and Digital Communications Part-time distance learning

Tourism, Events and Hospitality Management

AwardCourse TitleMode
MA International Events Management  Full-time & Part-time
MA International Tourism and Hospitality Management  Full-time & Part-time
MSc Crowd Safety and Risk Analysis  Part-time distance learning