Manchester Metropolitan University

Undergraduate Student Profiles


Pricilla Chan

BA (Hons) Events Management

"If you want a career in events, you really have to get experience so that you can learn from it and I have been able to get some great events experience as part of this degree."

Jasmine Trobe

BA (Hons) Events Management

"I would recommend events management because of where it is based. Manchester is such a big city so you have lots of potential opportunities to go out and get real work experience."

Teade Beltran

BA (Hons) Banking and Finance

"I spent my study abroad year on exchange in Poland at the Kraków University of Economics. I enjoyed the experience so much that I’ve already started looking for investment banking roles in Europe"

Kicki Holm

BA (Hons) Marketing Management

"I gained a strong network of contacts within the industry, and secured a part time job during my studies. This has opened valuable doors for me."

Vanessa Pui-Ying Liu

BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance

"The Business School treats all students as early career professionals. Many sessions take place throughout the year to prepare me for employment."

Katie Thompson

BA (Hons) Sports Management

"When I was at Manchester Met, the experience I gained from volunteering and placements really helped to get me to where I am today. I gained lots of different contacts and was able to add lots of skills to my CV."

Teijas Krepanand Yeseswin

BA (Hons) Sports Management

"I would highly recommend the exchange programme, just for the amount of exposure you get to new experiences. It was the best year of University for me.”

Nat Black-Heaven

BA (Hons) Sports Management

"This course prepares you for the future by encouraging you to volunteer. It is a fantastic way to get experience and make your CV stand out."

Andrew Lenk

BA (Hons) Business Management

"My degree gave me the foundations and knowledge that I now apply to the real working world. The Business School was great in helping me to find a clear career path and offering me fantastic guidance and advice whenever I needed it."

Mardiyyah Islam

BA (Hons) Economics

"The critiques of economic theories are applied to real life scenarios, helping me understand how economics influences every day decisions."

Aimee Brown

BA (Hons) Economics

"Economics appealed to me, as it relates to all aspects of life, including national and global issues."

Lauren Harrison

MHRM (Hons) Human Resource Management

"I feel like the course is really well structured and it gives you a really good foundation in so many different areas of business."

Emma Finney

BA (Hons) Business Management

"My placement year was with Telefonica, working as a Retail Channel Support Manager for their largest brand, O2.”

Adil Kotia

BA (Hons) International Business Management

"My study abroad experience now forms a large part of my CV. I think it will give me an edge over the competition when I graduate. I developed my communication and team working skills and learned a lot about myself and what I’m capable of."