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We provide a range of services to enhance the employment prospects of all our students and graduates.

Manchester Metropolitan University's Careers & Employability Service provides a wide range of services to students, graduates, employers and university staff.

94% of students from our latest student feedback survey rated the service as good or excellent!


Our experienced teams support students and graduates with:

The primary focus of the Careers & Employability Service is to enhance students’ employability skills and employment outcomes on graduating through the provision of a range of services offered directly to students and graduates, and through support for academics to develop student employability within courses. We provide services to employers who wish to recruit student and graduate employees and get involved in the development of students’ employability in a variety of other ways.

Our Aim

The Careers & Employability Service aims to offer impartial, high quality services to students, graduates, university staff and employers through the provision of information, advice and guidance relating to the areas of employability development and the graduate labour market. Careers & Employability Service staff are employees of the University but advice and guidance is always impartial and in the best interests of each client.

What service users can expect from us

The Careers & Employability Service aims to offer service users the best quality service possible given the resources at our disposal. We undertake to treat all users with respect, and to listen and provide services that are impartial and objective. Service users can expect an honest appraisal of the degree to which we can help them.

If we are unable to help you when you visit or contact us we will do the research necessary to provide you with the answers or refer you to another service or agency that can give you more appropriate assistance.

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