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Futures Skills Award

The Futures Skills Award gives you the opportunity to develop additional skills outside your course of study, and will help you to understand and articulate your experience and abilities to employers.

What is the Futures Skills Award?

Designed to fit easily around your studies, the Futures Skills Award scheme offers:

The Futures Skills Award can be personalised to suit your own interests, and has been designed to help you to develop and showcase your skills to future employers.

“The graduate job market is a really challenging environment, and the degree is often just a core requirement. Employers are looking for graduates who have gone above and beyond their studies, and are able to demonstrate their skills. The Futures Skills Award is a great way to showcase yourself to employers and gain that wider perspective in preparing for employment.”

David Sharples, Graduate Employer, Barclays

How does it work?

Complete the Futures Skills Award in 6 easy steps...

1. Sign Up and Induction

Complete an induction by attending a Futures Skills Award Induction workshop or by completing the online induction process. The entire award scheme is managed via Career Hub, sign up and start your Futures Skills Award journey.

2. Identify three skills you want to develop

When selecting the skills you want to focus on for the award, you may want to do some research to find out which skills are in demand for your chosen industry, sector or role.  If you don’t know what you want to do when you finish university you may want to choose skills which link in with a role or activity you are currently undertaking.  

It is important to consider which skills you want to develop by taking part in the Futures Skills Award as you will be writing about this in your reflection piece. There is a ‘skills bank’ available on My Career Hub to help you decide.

3. Activity: undertake activity which develops these skills

As well as linking in with activity you may already be doing, there are many other opportunities available both on and off campus. Make the most of your time at university, get involved and build your experience, visit My Career Hub to start discovering new opportunities today!

4. Submit a CV, LinkedIn profile or video interview

You will submit either a CV, a LinkedIn Profile or a video interview for assessment. Take the time to consider which one will benefit you the most. There are lots of resources and support available to help you with this stage of the award contact us for more information.

5. Reflection: reflect on the activity and evidence your skills

You can submit your reflection in any format, including digital and online formats such as a blog, website, video or e-portfolio. Your reflection should be between 1000 and 2000 words, be creative and include as much detail as possible- you could use this for your future applications!

6. Award Completed!

The award is confirmed upon successful completion (pass) of steps 4 and 5. You will receive a certificate and an invitation to the Futures Skills Award Celebration event.

Sign up to the Futures Skills Award

Get in touch

For initial enquiries you can contact us or pop in to speak to one of our advisers in the Employability Hub.

If you are a member of staff and have any queries, or are interested in running a workshop for students, please contact the Futures Award Manager, Helen Lord, on