Exam and Coursework Support

Exam Timetables

Dates for 2017

January Exams 12th - 20th January 2017
Summer Exams 2nd - 8th May 2017
Resit Exams 7th - 11th August 2017


Please note that these dates relate to formal examinations only. For other forms of assessment (e.g. in-class tests) please contact the Unit Leader.

Further information

Examination Instructions

Seating Plans 

All students will be assigned a seat number for each examination.  Lists will be displayed outside the venue.
Please ensure you arrive in plenty of time to identify your seat number. Ensure you are ready to enter the Examination Room 15 minutes before the exam is due to start.

Student ID Cards

You MUST bring your ID card with you to the examination. You will be required to leave this on your desk throughout the exam. Invigilators will check the cards to confirm your attendance.

General Exam Information 

Please do not bring valuables to the examination room, you will be asked to leave your bag and coat at the side or back of the room.

Mobile phones are not allowed at your desk; make sure they are switched off and leave them with your personal belongings.  

No food is allowed, only bottled water is permitted in the examination room. 

If you are required to bring a calculator to the exam, please ensure that you do so. We have a limited supply and will be unable to provide everyone with a spare one. 
Programmable calculators are not allowed in any examinations.

Examination Regulations

Your attention is drawn to the Regulations for the Conduct of Assessment which can be downloaded here

Please Note: It is the responsibility of all students to familiarise themselves with the University's examination regulations and to comply with them in every respect.

Summer Reassessment Support

Until the 15th September there will be two members of staff from each department available Mon - Friday 10 am - 4 pm in their offices. Please contact the Student Hub (0161 247 5783, Email: studenthubcheshire@mmu.ac.uk) to check which staff are on duty and available to provide you with support.

In addition, the Student Experience Support Tutors (SESTs) are available throughout the summer vacation:
Email: set.cheshire@mmu.ac.uk 
Tel: 0161 247 5413
Drop in: Student Hub, weekdays 9.00-4.30pm

Students can also book individual appointments with the Student Support Officer, Mike McGarry by emailing Michael McGarry SSOCheshire@mmu.ac.uk


If you have any enquiries relating to Examinations please contact:

E. studenthubcheshire@mmu.ac.uk

T. 0161 247 5565

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