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Manchester Metropolitan University announced on 10 February 2017 that it will be closing its campus in Crewe, Cheshire, in the summer of 2019.

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Will teaching continue on the Cheshire campus up to summer 2019?

We remain committed to providing a high standard of teaching and student experience for all our students on the Cheshire campus. Plans have been put in place to continue teaching courses until summer 2019. We advised all new undergraduate students who started courses in September 2016 that they would be able to complete three years of study at the campus (the normal duration of an undergraduate programme).

For those courses which are scheduled to run beyond summer 2019 our priority will be to enable those students to complete their studies with Manchester Metropolitan University. If that should prove not to be possible, our commitment will be to support them in finding an alternative course of action that best suits their individual needs.

How will you maintain the experience of students?

Not only do we want to maintain the experience for our students, we are actively working with students to enhance their experience whilst they study on the Cheshire campus.

A Student Experience Group has been created so that students can share their views and provide regular feedback. This group is led by the Faculty Pro Vice-Chancellor and consists of student and staff representatives from across the University. We are also working closely with the Students’ Union to gather feedback and keep students informed.

Current students can find regular updates on the investment in student experience, along with the latest events and activities here:

Will you continue to recruit new students on the Cheshire campus?

Undergraduate Courses

The phased withdrawal means we will not be recruiting students for undergraduate courses starting at the Cheshire campus in September 2017 except for the following instances:

  • BA (Hons) Business Management (Extension) - top-up only, complete in one year
  • BA (Hons) Business Management with Financial Management (Extension) - top-up only, complete in one year
  • BA (Hons) Business Management with Marketing (Extension) - top-up only, complete in one year
  • BA (Hons) Education - top-up only, complete in one year
  • BSc (Hons) Exercise and Sport Science - distance learning only

Visit our website for further information on the courses.

Postgraduate Taught Courses

We welcome applications for these courses starting in September 2017:

  • One year full-time postgraduate taught courses in the Business Management and Exercise and Sport Science departments
  • One year Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE)
  • Part-time postgraduate courses of two years in duration in the Exercise and Sport Science department
  • Postgraduate research courses

Visit our website for further information on the courses.

We continue to offer a large variety of courses at our main campus in Manchester. Find out more here:

How many jobs are at risk?

We are committed to continuing to work with the trade unions to minimise the potential for compulsory redundancies. Any reduction in staff numbers at the campus will be a phased process. We will continue to need both academic and support staff at the campus until summer 2019. Although, some staff may leave the campus in summer 2017 we expect 80 per cent of permanent staffing to be required until summer 2018.

Won’t there be a missed opportunity for graduates to meet local demand in Cheshire and for major upcoming projects such as HS2?

Figures show that only a small proportion of Cheshire campus graduates find graduate-level employment in the Cheshire area. The current academic offer at the Cheshire campus is not well aligned to the needs of the region. While investment from HS2 has the potential to generate demand for higher education provision, the specifics of this demand are unclear and the timeline is long-term.

If you withdraw from the campus, students from the local area will be hugely disadvantaged. Having higher education provision in the town is really important.

HEFCE data shows that higher education participation levels in Crewe are below the national average. Last year only 1 per cent of the people in Cheshire who applied to University enrolled at Manchester Metropolitan University’s Cheshire campus.

In addition, HESA data shows that in 2015/16 over 1,300 students that were from Cheshire studied at Manchester Metropolitan University’s campus in Manchester, as opposed to the Cheshire campus.

Has there been any external interest in the site from other higher education providers?

At this point, there have been some expressions of interest and we remain open to any potential opportunities for transfer of the Cheshire campus to other institutions. We are working closely with regional stakeholders to ensure that the needs of the local area are taken in to account in any future provision on the campus.

Who can I contact for further information?

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