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Frequently asked questions about Clearing

What is Clearing?

Clearing helps applicants who have not secured a place at university or college, for whatever reason, to find places on university courses.

Clearing is a service available between July and September, but for most people it is used immediately after A-level results are published on Thursday, 17th August.

When does Clearing start and finish?

Manchester Met’s Clearing helpline is open from the start of July until the middle of September, or until we no longer have vacancies.

Our lines are usually open Monday to Friday 9am to 4.15pm, but we have longer opening times around results day.

Why are places available through Clearing?

Universities or colleges may have places available through Clearing for a number of reasons; it may be a subject for which there is a shortage of applicants nationally, applicants holding places may have withdrawn or it may be a new course which has only recently become available.

How do I find out what courses are in Clearing?

For vacancies at Manchester Met, call our clearing helpline on +44(0)161 247 3000. Alternatively check the UCAS website for listings of courses available in clearing at all institutions. You can also check our subject areas list.

Can I call the Clearing helpline before I get my results?

No. We can only take a clearing enquiry from you if you have all of your results in place. We can only make unconditional offers in clearing and so we can only do that if you can prove you meet our entry requirements.

What happens when I phone the Clearing helpline?

One of our friendly advisers will talk you through the process of making a clearing enquiry. You will need to have the following information to hand when you ring:

If you meet the minimum entry requirements for the course you are interested in, your clearing enquiry will be sent to the relevant admissions team for consideration.

If you ring on or just after results day, our advisers will take all of the above details and pass you through to a course tutor to discuss the possibility of obtaining a place on the course you are interested in.

What if I’ve already called the Clearing helpline and am waiting for a call back… should I call again?

There are times, particularly on Results Day, when we may need to call you back if the subject area is very busy. If you are in this situation, please be patient with us, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If you call the Clearing helpline again you may duplicate your enquiry which can cause confusion.

This only applies if we have said we will call you back. If you are cut off for any reason, please do call us back.

Can I apply in Clearing for a completely different course to the one I originally applied for?

Yes, you can apply for any course with vacancies that you’re interested in. However, think about your options carefully before accepting an offer.

How many universities and colleges can I approach?

There is not a limit on the number of universities you can contact. However you can only accept one clearing offer at one institution.

If you phone our Clearing helpline, you will only be able to apply for one course at a time. If you are unsuccessful with your first choice you are welcome to contact us again to enquire about a different course if you meet the entry requirements.

Is going on holiday during Clearing a problem?

It could be, yes. We can only discuss your application with you, and not with your parents, carers, advisers or friends. Vacancies can be filled extremely quickly so if you’re not around at the start of Clearing, places on your chosen course may have gone to other people.

Do universities and colleges always reduce their requirements in Clearing?

No, entry requirements will not necessarily be lower on results day or afterwards. Check with our Clearing helpline on 0161 247 3000 to see if you meet the entry requirements for the course you are interested in.

I met the grades stated in my offer but my university/college has not yet confirmed my place. What should I do?

Don’t worry – if you have met all the conditions then your place will be confirmed in due course, and will be shown on UCAS Track.

I didn’t meet the grades but my university/college has not yet declined my place. What should I do to get into Clearing?

Even if you didn’t meet the conditions your university may still accept you.

Check the status of your application on UCAS Track to find out if your university has confirmed your place.

If you need to speak to an advisor about confirming your application at Manchester Met, you can call our Confirmation line on +44(0)161 247 2931. Please make sure you have your Manchester Metropolitan University ID number to hand when you call us. You can find this on your offer letter.

For more information, advice and guidance, visit the UCAS website.

I’ve been offered a place in Clearing. What should I do now?

Our Admissions Team will be in touch with instructions on how to add a clearing choice on UCAS Track (you may be given a deadline to do this) and how to send in copies of your qualifications so that your place can be confirmed.

Once your place is confirmed, don't forget to do the following:

How do I know I’m making the right choice?

If you have been made an offer of a place through Clearing you’ll be invited to attend a Visit Day. You can come along to a Visit Day before or after you accept your offer. This is your chance to meet tutors from your course, chat to current students, have a look around the campus, find out about student accommodation vacancies and pick up information on student finance.

These will take place on Wednesday 23rd and 30th August 2017, 12pm-3pm.

Phone our clearing helpline on +44 (0)161 247 3000 to make a clearing application.