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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Whatever happened to theory in teacher education?

Tony Brown is Professor of Mathematics Education for the University’s Education and Social Research Institute. He leads the Building Research in Teacher Education research group, and co-leads the Centre for Research in Mathematics and Science Education with Yvette Solomon.

University provides us with an opportunity to build our critical capability, and in education this involves enabling the next generation of teachers to enliven their own students in turn. Or is working in universities about behaving ourselves and following the remit of the latest set of regulations where we are beholden to agencies assessing our compliance?

School practice is increasingly understood in terms of meeting bureaucratic demands. Initial teacher education is achieved through ever-greater immersion of student teachers in schools. Masters and doctoral study by teachers is more often directed at addressing externally defined requirements. As a result, the role of university based teacher education has shifted. Responsiveness to the official dimensions of school practice has become a bigger part of the challenge faced by universities.

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