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First Generation Ambassadors

Read about some of our students' personal journeys to higher education

When we talk about First Generation, we are referring to students who have come from a home where neither parent nor guardian has attended university. Our diverse University community is made up of many First Generation staff, students and graduates - over 55% of last year’s new undergraduate students (who declared) are from families with no experience of higher education.

Some current students who are the first generation in their family to come to University, have shared their personal journeys to higher education with us in order to help others who aspire to come to Manchester Metropolitan University.

"Although neither of my parents nor my siblings went to university, I always wanted to go. Now I am studying Biology at Manchester Metropolitan University and it was the best decision I could have made. The staff are incredibly supportive and the course is well organised. There are also many extra-curricular opportunities at Manchester Met, which encourage students to get involved. I decided to become a course rep so that I could become fully immersed in the course and help fellow students."

Paige Lowbridge, BSc (Hons) Biology student

"My mum has always been a positive role model in my life. She encouraged me to pursue my dreams and helped me apply for university as she didn't have the opportunity to do so, nor the encouragement she needed. Despite that, she owns her own business and loves what she does. It means a lot to both of us for me to be a First Generation student and the first woman in my family with a degree!"

Ruby-Ann Patterson, BA (Hons) English and Creative Writing student, Alumni Undergraduate Scholar 2016

"When I received my acceptance letter to study at Manchester Met, I was delighted as were my parents. I was born in Libya and moved to the UK at the age of seven. My parents always regarded education a high priority for my siblings and me, even though neither of them have experience of higher education. Although I had concerns about graduating with a considerable financial burden, a seminar in college about the benefits that a degree brings especially in aspects such as employability and progression, reassured me that this was the path I wanted to follow. Now here I am at the final stages of completing my Master's."

Hussain El-Amin, Community Officer, The Union, MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management, BSc (Hons) Accounting and Finance 2014

"It wasn't common to attend university where I grew up and most of my peers didn't feel it would be a route they would take. After I finished high school, I went to a different college where I first realised that university wasn't exclusive to the privileged and highest academic achievers. After attending an Open Day here, I decided I wanted to attend Manchester Metropolitan University. My College helped me through the application process and how to apply for student finance, support without which I would not have been able to attend."

Amy Wilson, BA (Hons) Education Studies 2016, MA Education student

"I am the first in my family to go to university. My mother went back to college to make a better life for me and my older brother. When I was around 10 years old, I read a book about a young black girl who goes from nothing to being a qualified barrister. I realised that my mother had given me her strength in being able to push through social boundaries and be anything I set my mind to. I have wanted to be a barrister since then and this year I finally made it onto a Law course at Manchester Met. I hope one day to be a judge."

Harlem Brown, LLB student

First Generation