Manchester Metropolitan staff help the University to widen opportunities for current and future students.

As a member of staff, you already support students and the University through your everyday work but you can do more to help Manchester Met continue to provide access to higher education, for as many deserving students as possible.

Manchester Metropolitan has a proud history of widening participation to higher education and this is evident across our diverse student and alumni communities. We believe that a university experience can change a person’s life and provide new opportunities.

The First Generation campaign will fund a new scheme to help the brightest young people to secure an undergraduate place at university and then provide continued financial, professional and personal support throughout their studies and into their careers.

Staff who choose to support the University philanthropically are making a powerful statement to our students, alumni and friends. Every gift counts, whatever its size, for it is the combined strength of many gifts – of all sizes – that will make a beneficial impact on our students.

Explore the ways you can support Manchester Metropolitan University students:

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Carla Nuttall, Public Engagement Manager and Manchester Metropolitan graduate tells us about her journey as a first generation student.

"I am the first in my family to go to University. At the time there was nothing in place to support me on my journey and I would have found academic advice and support invaluable. At the time, I had no idea what to study for a particular career, what to expect from the University experience, nor how it would change me and my outlook. As it is, I graduated in my chosen degree of Ancient History and Latin then came to Manchester Met to figure out how to turn it into something more useful! It did. Manchester Met put me on a career path and found me my first job through a course work placement. This kick-started a very happy career at the BBC and when I later decided I wanted to re-train, it was Manchester Met I came back to. Not only did it catapult me onto the next stage of my career but I now work here too! My journey has come full-circle and I am grateful for the opportunities University and Manchester Met particularly have provided me with. Had something like First Generation been in place when I started out on my journey, I know I would have benefited from the networking and support hugely. What a fantastic scheme!"

Carla Nuttall, Public Engagement Manager, PgDip Information Management 2000, PgDip Public Relations 2006

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