Dr Edensor and Dr Cheng were invited to a specialist conference on Urbanisation in China hosted by Nanjing Normal University. The conference was organised by the China Association of Urban Geography and took place between the 11th and the 18th of April 2016.

At the event, Dr Edensor delivered a keynote lecture on Urban Theory Beyond the West. Dr Cheng gave a presentation on Big Data for Urban Studies in China: A Comparative Perspective, in which he explored the opportunities of big data for urban studies application in the UK and China. He compared the main challenges facing each country and their solutions.

He said, "A city is a complex system with complicated interactions between transport, land use, environment and population at a variety of scales. Understanding these interactions is the prerequisite for predicting urban changes and supporting sustainable urban development planning”.

During their trip, Dr Cheng was appointed Visiting Professor in GIS and Human Geography at the Key Laboratory for Beibu Gulf Environmental Change and Resources Utilization under Ministry of Education in China.

The event was a key networking opportunity, and further collaborations between Manchester Metropolitan University and Nanjing Normal University have been organised. Dr Edensor and Dr Cheng plan to co-author two papers, one this year and another in 2017, between Manchester Met and NNU. This work is in addition to three joint papers between Manchester Met and NNU, which have been published previously, and a successful bid for a joint research grant between Dr Cheng and Professor Qiyan Wu from NNU.

Friday, 27th May 2016