Polyamory, Consensual Non-Monogamy and Relationship Anarchy in the 21st Century

Date: Sunday 21st February 2016, 10am – 6pm

Location: No 70 Oxford St, Manchester, M1 5NH

Tickets: £5 – See Eventbrite for tickets

Many people feel drawn towards building intimate relationships that include mutual arrangements on emotional and/or sexual non-exclusivity. This event explored questions regarding consensually non-monogamous ways of life, from academic, cultural and political perspectives. Consensual non-monogamy can be based on many different styles of intimacy, including (among others): open relationships (build around a primary couple), negotiated loving multi-partner relationships (often called polyamory) or approaches that refuse to make any distinction between sexual, romantic or platonic relationships (referred to by some as ‘relationship anarchy’).

This event brought together leading researchers, activists and community organizers to stage a discussion around relationship diversity, exclusion, visibility, relationship ethics and the practical challenges of living in non-monogamous or polyamorous relationships and families. The day consisted of a series of brief talks and discussions, an information fair with stalls and a ‘human library’ of people who are ready to answer your questions about what ‘poly’ means to them personally.

Speakers and Panel members included:

  • Dr Meg John Barker (Writer and activist; Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the Open University; Psychotherapist and Co-Founder of Poly Counselling UK).
  • Dr Robin Bauer (Acting Professor of Social Work, The Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University Stuttgart (DHBW Stuttgart, Germany), Brussels/Belgium).
  • Grant Denkinson (Counsellor/Psychotherapist, Co-Founder of Poly Counselling UK, Academic and Polyamory Community Organiser, Leicester, UK).
  • Gesa Mayer (Associate Researcher, Hamburg University of Applied Social Sciences, Germany).


Convened by Dr Christian Klesse (MMU)

Christian Klesse teaches Sociology at Manchester Metropolitan University. His main areas of interest include sexualities and intimacies, gender and sexual politics, transnational LGBTQ activism and the cultural activism around Queer Film Festivals. 

 Read the full programme here: Polyamory Day Programme




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