Manchester Metropolitan University

John Singh-Green

International Projects Assistant at Manchester Metropolitan University

"Without the opportunity Manchester Met gave me, I would not have the experience or knowledge to carry out my current role."
About my career

I have always wanted to join the police and so studied Uniformed Public Services at college. I decided to continue with this area of study at university and undertook my BA (Hons) in Public Services.

I really enjoyed the political side of my degree. I never really had an interest in politics until I started my Bachelors and, as the course progressed, I found I became more interested and intrigued as to just how much politics would affect the area I wanted a career in.

My placement was in the form of a scholarship to New York State, SUNY Cortland and the New York State Assembly. The importance of this placement in terms of my professional and personal development is unquestionable. I believe the opportunity of studying abroad afforded to me by Manchester Met is the sole reason I am in my current position. Without it, I would not have the experience or knowledge to carry out my current role as an International Strategy Intern at Manchester Metropolitan University. I implore all students to undertake a placement (whether that’s a year or shorter period of time) as the contacts and experience you make will help you in the future.

The communication skills, critical thinking and creativity I gained at university have been the skills I’ve used the most in my career so far. That, and being confident in your abilities, which is something I would also urge students to work on. “With confidence you have won before you have started” - (Marcus Garvey). Confidence is the main barrier to success; you can be taught how to analyse, you can be taught how to critique but can’t be taught how to stand up in front of a room full of people and say what needs to be said.


My top tip for students is…

Treat your job search like a dissertation; have a plan, have a time scale and remember, in the interviews and applications they want to know what you have done and what you would do in the situation.

I’m inspired by…

During my scholarship in New York State, I worked for the Majority Leader of the Assembly and he became my role model professionally, and in a personal capacity.

Why I love Manchester Metropolitan University

I loved the vibrancy of Manchester and how the University was built around the culture and values of Manchester.

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