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Major incident over the weekend - what you need to know

Over the weekend we experienced a power failure resulting in loss of services.

Despite the scale of this incident we managed to keep the majority of key student services operational, thanks to the work of on-site support staff offering a viable workaround for students needing to access Wi-Fi.

As you’d expect, we’ve thrown everything we have at this and installed a new power supply first thing this morning so from 8.45am today affected services have been coming back online. They may run a little slower than usual this morning while everything gets back up to speed but most services are now running as normal.

The following services were unavailable over the weekend:
Student Wi-Fi – students were instead given access to the visitor Wi-Fi

  • Library e-resources 
  • S Drives
  • Course Receipting
  • Digital Storefront
  • Certain specialist software licensing servers 
  • Parts of the MMU website

Services not affected by this issue and remained operational throughout included:

  • Staff and student email
  • MyMMU and Moodle
  • Student Records Systems
  • Printing
  • H and R Drives

We would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused by these problems at this crucial time of the academic year and thank the unfailing, ongoing support of the student-facing support staff on site.

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