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Change Management

Managing change

Technology is advancing faster than ever and we work hard to respond to the pace of change and adapt our services to meet the changing needs of staff and students at the University.

While we strive to make our services smarter, faster and easier for you, achieving that without undermining what is already available is an ongoing challenge. Our IT infrastructure is incredibly complex and even simple changes can cause knock-on effects which can undermine University operations if not managed effectively.

That's why we take IT change management very seriously.

Change control

Changes can range from adding an icon to all staff desktops through to switching all students onto a new email system or launching a new Data Centre for the University.
Most commonly, it's upgrades, fixes or adjustments needed to existing services which, while fairly minor changes, still require a period of downtime for the service, so we need to find a suitable time to minimise the disruption this is likely to cause.

In recent years we've established and developed processes (based on ITIL good practice) which help us to ensure all changes to the University's IT infrastructure are managed, ensuring a consistent and professional approach which prioritises the needs of students and staff - our customers.

Change Advisory Board (CAB)

Representatives from the various areas handling IT systems at Manchester Met (including teams from outside of IT Services), form the Change Advisory Board (CAB). The CAB meets weekly to review, discuss and authorise proposed changes.

Get involved or contact the CAB

Maintenance Schedule

For forthcoming, approved changes and how they may affect you and the services you use, we publish and maintain an online schedule.

Upcoming IT Maintenance

For those members of staff with access to SharePoint, you can view our Change Management system to view all changes, past, present and future.

Planned Changes
Emergency Changes

Notice period for changes

We always aim to notify those affected by any upcoming changes within the following timescales:


  • Planned Changes causing an interruption to service - two weeks' notice
  • Planned Changes posing a risk to services - one weeks' notice
  • Urgent Changes implemented as a fix to resolve an outstanding issue - Monday notice for same week
  • Emergency Changes implemented ASAP to resolve a major issue - immediate, notify after event.

Do you have any suggestions on how we could improve the way we notify you of any upcoming changes to our IT infrastructure?


Feel free to contact the IT Helpline with your feedback.

Classroom Technology

We take great pride in the cutting-edge classroom technology available at Manchester Metropolitan.

That’s why we set, maintain and annually review a benchmark standard for all of the University’s classroom technology and we’ve established a three-year replacement cycle to ensure a consistently high professional standard of teaching equipment. We provide dedicated support to staff to enable them to get the best from this technology.

We also offer specialist audio and video production services to support teaching and learning, and coverage of high profile events at the University, such as the graduation ceremonies, special guest lectures and academic conferences. This includes filming, editing and production, as well as providing advice and guidance.

Support available:

  • Training and guidance is available for staff using classroom technology to enhance their teaching
  • Emergency support for all of the University's lecture theatres to assist staff with classroom technology
  • We maintain an archive of video material for use within any videos created for the University
  • We use professional level equipment to produce high quality video in standard or high definition formats

Things to remember:

There is considerable demand for video production services and finite resource, so advance notice is recommended and unfortunately it is not always possible to accommodate every request.

  • Coverage of guest lectures and other special events is at the request of the relevant Dean or department head
  • This service does not currently cover lecture capture or any teaching duties.
  • The service aims to support and facilitate teaching and learning - it is not a marketing resource.

Requests for this service can be made through the IT Helpline. Emergency support for lecture theatres is provided by the local IT team and available via a dedicated phone number, which will be clearly visible and situated near or on the phone within the room.

Service Availability

  • Printing
  • Student Email
  • Staff Email
  • Network & Wi-Fi
  • MyMMU
  • Moodle
  • Library e-Resources
  • MMU Websites
  • Student Records Systems
  • File Storage
Check PC availability in the IT Zones in Manchester Cheshire

Help and Support

Call our 24 hour helpline on 0161 247 4646 or email