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JUGAAD: A Sustainable Futures Challenge

JUGAAD – Jugaad is a Hindi word meaning ‘innovative fix’, with its roots in finding an improvised ‘other way’. In recent years it has grown to include the energy, innovation and success of emerging economies. Jugaad is now seen as capturing the spirit of ‘frugal innovation’, ‘great ideas working with less resources’, and ‘sustainable solutions to big problems.’ Time to start thinking in Jugaad!

We want to make sure our own bright minds are engaged with enacting the changes required in a transition to a low carbon economy. We have talent, we have fresh approaches, innovation and creativity– let’s draw on our own strengths to help make a sustainable planet. 

Each team has the opportunity to work with a professional mentor. These people can provide invaluable expert advice in a range of areas, can help you progress from concept to prototype, can facilitate and provide guidance where required throughout the duration of the Jugaad challenge.

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