Improve your business writing with courses designed especially for your needs.

Improve your writing

Do you or staff in your company make written errors in your business correspondence? Do you feel you could improve the way you write? Whether corresponding internally with your own staff or with customers outside your company, improvements to business writing can always be made.

Poor email writing is a common problem, one which few people will tackle and one which can affect confidence in people and companies. We all use email every day, yet too often, email fails to be the effective communication tool it should be. Simple mistakes are often a significant part of the issue. Emails are more likely than other kinds of communication to be riddled with punctuation, spelling and grammar mistakes. In addition, poor structure, repetition, vagueness, awkward expression and lack of professionalism can result in long texts that fail to convey key messages.

Perhaps you feel that your writing is sufficiently accurate, but lacks a masterful, persuasive, formal or succinct style?

How can we help?

Our courses are for anyone who communicates through writing as part of their role. Through our bespoke writing courses, we can deliver training either at your company or at Manchester Metropolitan University, on all aspects of professional writing. This could range from an intensive one-day workshop to an eight week course. Following an initial needs analysis, we can design a course to match the specific needs of your group; resulting in clearer, more professional emails that let you click ‘send’ with confidence.

What will the course include?

A needs analysis to identify areas to improve, a standard or bespoke series of classes, including the analysis of effective text, clear explanations, and opportunities to compose text with individual feedback. As well as course materials, course delivery by a qualified English Language Teacher, outstanding university facilities (if required), and access to online/self-study materials.

How much will it cost?

The price of the course will depend on how many people will join the group and how many hours the course will cover. To discuss your needs and receive a quote, please contact the Manchester Metropolitan University Language Centre on 0161 247 3931, quoting ‘Writing for Professionals’, or send us an email.


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Please note: The Language Centre is part of the Department of Languages, Information and Communications. Belonging to an academic department allows us to deliver research-informed teaching and draw on the expertise of academics in the field of language learning and teaching. All of our courses are accredited by the British Council, a worldwide quality control organisation.