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    The Language Centre is home to a thriving modern foreign language programme which is open to the general public and Manchester Met students, staff and alumni.

    We offer language classes in: French, Spanish, German, Italian, Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese and Russian.

    Discounted Evening Language Classes are available for all Manchester Met staff, students and alumni.

    About Our Classes

    All of our classes are informed by the communicative methodology to language learning and endorse the Language Centre‚Äôs Teaching Ethos. Our lessons typically promote activities that engage learners in meaningful and authentic language use, and which require learners to communicate and complete tasks by means of interaction with other learners. As such, you can expect extensive use of pair, group and mingling activities, and use of authentic texts and audio-visual material from your very first lesson. This reflects our belief that exposure to authentic written and spoken texts is integral to developing learners’ cultural understanding alongside their communicative competence and accuracy in the language. Therefore, classes will encourage speaking, reading and listening activities, with writing activities more commonly reserved for homework and/or self-study to consolidate knowledge acquired in the lesson.

    About Our Levels

    Standard classes run from October to June. To complete the course at each level, you will need to study for three terms of 10 weeks (total: 45 hours’ input). We would also expect you to spend a similar amount of time on self-study in order to progress confidently onto the next level.

    You are welcome to join a course at any stage, i.e. October (Term 1), January (Term 2) or April (Term 3); however, you are responsible for ensuring you have the requisite knowledge for joining at a given stage. Please refer to our Course Descriptors for more information. In this way, we can ensure the classes are enjoyable and beneficial for all students. NB. Not all levels are available in every language.

    About Our Course Content

    At the beginning of your course (or each term), you will be provided with an indicative scheme of work for the term so you can see what you will be learning week to week. Based on feedback from our learners in previous years, Term 1 Beginner (in French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish) will have more of a tourist/holiday survival focus.

    Before you join a course, please refer to our Course Descriptors to help you decide which level is right for you. We have provided a description of each level, indicative learning outcomes, and an approximate equivalence with the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) to help you.

    Course Dates

    Term 1: w/c 9 October – w/c 11 December 2017 (10 weeks)

    Term 2: w/c 8 January – w/c 12 March 2018 (10 weeks)

    Term 3: w/c 23 April – w/c 25 June 2018 (10 weeks)

    NB. There are Bank Holidays on Monday 7th and Monday 28th May 2018.  There will be no classes on these days.  Your tutor will make arrangements for making up the class time with your group, e.g. by extending the course by two weeks, or by extending the class time over a number of given weeks.


    Standard Courses (for 1 term, 1.5 hours per week)

    • £175 per term
    • £148.75 (15% discount) for Manchester Met students, staff, & alumni
    • Discounted price also available to Manchester Met promotional partners

    If a course book is used for your class, it will be included on our list of recommended books.  You will need to purchase the recommended text.  The list of books will be available at least one week before the course starts. You will not need to use the book during the first class as material will be provided.

    What Our Students Say

    Japanese Class"Very enjoyable relaxed atmosphere and approachable teacher"

    German Class: "The content is very good and the teacher’s enthusiasm greatly helped the term progress." 

    Mandarin Class: "Wonderfully organised and planned classes. A variety of methods used. Very patient when we make some mistakes over and over- would recommend!"

    French Class: "I've really enjoyed the course. I feel a lot more confident with both listening and responding! Thank you!"

    Spanish Class: "I enjoyed having a native-speaker teacher who explained the culture and everyday usage of language we are learning."

    Japanese Class: "A wonderful teacher; she is always trying to help each individual understand the lesson taught. She is a tribute to the language course!"

    German Class: "It’s been a well-pitched class at just the right level for the whole group - the vocabulary has been particularly useful!"


    Booking for Term 2 will open on Tuesday 19th December 2017.

    If you would like us to contact you when bookings open, please join our mailing list.

    Please note that we may not offer all the classes listed below, as all classes are subject to confirmation. For further information please contact

    Fast-Track Beginner Classes 

    French: Fast-Track

    Russian: Fast-Track

    German: Fast-Track

    Arabic: Fast-Track

    Italian: Fast-Track

    Japanese: Fast-Track

    Spanish: Fast-Track

    Mandarin: Fast-Track

    Beginner Classes (continuing from term 1)

    French: Beginner German: Beginner

    Italian: Beginner

    Arabic: Beginner
    Spanish: Beginner Mandarin Chinese: Beginner
    Japanese: Beginner  

    Post-Beginner Classes (continuing from term 1)

    Pre-requisites: Studied at least 45 hours in the language (with similar amount of self-study) or be familiar with the content described in the Beginner course.

    French: Post-Beginner Japanese: Post-Beginner
    Russian: Post-Beginner  

    Pre-Intermediate Classes (continuing from term 1)

    Pre-requisites: Studied at least 90 hours in the language (with similar amount of self-study) or be familiar with the content and grammatical areas described in the Beginner and Post-Beginner courses.

    Japanese: Pre-Intermediate

    IELTS Preparation Classes

    New for January 2018, the Language Centre is offering an IELTS Preparation Evening Language Course for non-native English speakers. This course will give students the chance to prepare for either Academic or General IELTS, practising the four skills of reading, writing, listening, and speaking through interactive tasks, up-to-date IELTS preparation material, and mock tests.

    IELTS Preparation


    If you have any questions about our classes, please see our FAQs or contact us.

    Please Note: The Language Centre reserves the right to cancel any course if there is insufficient demand, etc.

    All customer will receive information about the room, campus, etc, at least one week before the course begins.