• Teaching & Research Supervision

    Undergraduate courses

    I am the Unit leader for the second year Culture, Society, Community and Self unit and the third year Conceptual and Historical Issues in Psychology unit.

    Postgraduate teaching

    I teach on the MSc Qualitative Methods unit.

    Postgraduate supervision (completed/in progress)

    I supervise research students at Masters and PhD level.

  • Research Expertise, Publications & Grants

    Research expertise

    My research focuses on the historical and contemporary relationships between psychology and society. A major focus of my current work is using historical analysis and discursive psychology to understand interactions between psychology and the wider culture.  My book on the history of the lie detector was published by Johns Hopkins University Press in September 2012.

    I have presented academic papers at the meetings of numerous learned societies, e.g. British Psychological Society; American Psychological Association; European Society for the History of the Human Sciences; Canadian Society for the History and Philosophy of Science; History of Science Society; the British Association for the Advancement of Science; Discourse-Communication-Conversation Conference (DARG), Loughborough. He has given research seminar presentations at the Universities of Bath, Derby, Edge Hill, Exeter, Huddersfield, Leeds, Lancaster, Liverpool, Manchester, Oxford Brookes, Queen Mary London, Staffordshire, Surrey, Plymouth, the Open University, and University College London.

    • Publications

      • Books (authored/edited/special issues)

        GC. Bunn (2012). The Truth Machine. Baltimore: JHU Press.

        GC. Bunn (2001). Psychology in Britain: Historical Essays and Personal Reflections. Blackwell.

      • Refereed journal articles

        GC. Bunn (2017). Wilhelm Wundt and the emergence of scientific psychology. Psychology Review. 22(3), pp.10-12.

        GC. Bunn (2010). The experimental psychologist’s fallacy: Gustav Fechner. The Psychologist. 23(12), pp.964-967.

        GC. Bunn (2007). Spectacular science: the lie detector's ambivalent powers. Hist Psychol. 10(2), pp.156-178.

        G. Bunn (2001). Eysenck at the Science Museum. Personality and Individual Differences. 31(1), pp.41-44.

        GC. Bunn (2001). ‘A flair for organization’: Charles Myers and the Establishment of Psychology in Britain. HIstory & Philosophy of Psychology. 3, pp.1-9.

        GC. Bunn (2001). Charlie and the chocolate factory: C.S. Myers and Industrial Psychology in Britain. The Psychologist. 14(11), pp.576-579.

        GC. Bunn (2001). De Geslepen Doctor Psycho [The Devious Doctor Psycho]. Feit & Fictie. 3(.), pp.13-28.

        GC. Bunn (1997). The lie detector, Wonder Woman and liberty: the life and work of William Moulton Marston. History of the Human Sciences. 10(1), pp.91-119.

      • Chapters in books

        GC. Bunn, AF. Collins (2016). The Shackles of Practice: History of psychology, research assessment and the curriculum. SH. Klempe, R. Smith. In: Centrality of History for Theory Construction in Psychology. Springer, pp.91-109.

        J. Carys, M. Baker, J. Carter, S. Jay, M. Short, et al. C. Wood. (2013). Introduction. In: Strategic Environmental Assessment and Land Use Planning: An International Evaluation. pp.1-13.

        GC. Bunn (2011). HIstorical analyses. P. Banister, G. Bunn, E. Burman, J. Daniels. In: Qualitative Methods In Psychology: A Research Guide. McGraw-Hill International,

        GC. Bunn (2000). Euphoric Security: The Lie Detector and Popular Culture. G. Kinsman, D. Buse, M. Steedman. In: Whose National Security? Canadian State Surveillance and the Creation of Enemies.. Toronto: Between the Lines.,

      • Other

        GC. Bunn (1997). William Moulton Marston.

  • Engagement & Knowledge Exchange
  • Awards, Honours & Distinctions

    Editiorial Board membership

    I am currently the editor of the BPS journal, History & Philosophy of Psychology.

    Membership of professional associations

    I am a core member of the Research Institute for Health and Social Change (RIHSC) at MMU. I am Chair of the British Psychological Society's History & Philosophy of Psychology Section.