Encompassing a wide range of research, looking at all aspects of healthcare and wellbeing; from the physiological through to social, community and diversity implications – The Research Centre for Health: Disability, Ageing and Wellbeing (HDAW) hosts a broad range of multi-disciplinary specialists engaged in both theoretical and applied research.

A world-leading group of researchers and practitioners span a range of academic disciplines within the caring and enabling professions. Here we bring together expertise in psychology, physiotherapy, nursing, and speech and language therapy. We link this to knowledge in areas including arts and wellbeing, behaviour change, communication impairment, learning disabilities, mental health, musculoskeletal disorders, public health, respiratory disease, substance misuse, typical ageing and long-term conditions associated with ageing.

From being involved with large international funding bids through to grassroots research into local communities and services, the Centre fluxes between macro and micro concerns, encompassing quantitative and qualitative research methodology.

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Our Departments, Research Centres and Groups

Research Group

Ageing and Long-Term Conditions

The Ageing and Long-Term Conditions group brings together academics and clinicians locally, nationally and internationally to undertake work focused on improving care and service delivery that can improve the health and wellbeing of people living within an ageing society. Taking a proactive and person-centred approach are key values that underpin the work of the group. Research areas include dementia, COPD, compassion, frailty, emergency medicine and ophthalmology, rehabilitation technology and active ageing. The group are committed to participatory and inclusive research that can improve the lives of older people and people living with long-term conditions.

Research Group

Applied Psychology and Wellbeing

The Applied Psychology and Wellbeing Research Group focuses on applied research in health psychology and behaviour change, social critical and community psychology, applied cognitive measurement and evaluation, forensic psychology, and performance and positive psychology. We are engaged in wide-ranging inter- and multi-disciplinary research in areas including health services, disability and rehabilitation, education and sport. We work in collaboration with external groups such as local councils, the police and probation service, professional sports teams, blue chip businesses, pharmacology companies, stop smoking services, and charities. We also advise Parliament and the media on psychological issues.

Research Group

Disability and Participation

The Disability and Participation Research Group brings together health, education and social care researchers from MMU and from other UK and international organisations whose work has significant impact on disability. There are three main areas of interest within the group: communication impairment; learning disability; and physical impairment and health care practice. Central to our work is the participation of disabled people and those who support them, and we seek to engage collaboratively with our local communities as well as with international research colleagues.

Research Group

Health Services and Outcomes

The Health Services and Outcomes Research Group is aimed at improving access to, and quality of, healthcare through interdisciplinary research activities taking into account patient experience. Research activities include patient experience, quality and service improvement, quality of care, patient-reported outcomes including quality of life, effectiveness of healthcare interventions, and economic and service evaluations. The research group contributes to policy and practice development by providing commissioners and practitioners with evidence-based information on the outcomes of healthcare interventions.

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