The Social Change: Community Wellbeing Research Centre is the base for social and community focused research with the Faculty of Health, Psychology and Social Care. The centre comprises of world-leading researchers from diverse academic traditions, primarily psychology, social care and social work.

The research centre is organised into three research groups – Critical and Community Psychology, Safeguarding and Critical Professional Practice and Substance Use and Addictive Behaviours. These research groups house a number of research clusters including critical race and ethnicity, critical gender and sexuality, and critical disability studies.

Together with community partners, the centre undertakes research that informs theory, policy and practice, enhances effectiveness of organisations, celebrates diversity and works within a social justice framework to enhance people's lives, health and wellbeing. The focus is on social change within communities, workplaces and households, and implications for well-being across the life course.

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Research Group

Critical and Community Psychology

The Critical and Community Psychology group seeks to engage in work that has a clear value base. These values of stewardship, social justice and community are allied with practices of critical reflection and dialogue. Research areas include wellbeing, community engagement and critical approaches to study at the intersections of gender, sexuality, class, ethnicity and disability. This group engages in participative and collaborative approaches and is allied to the communities we work with.

Group Contacts

Twitter @critcommpsymmu

Research Group

Safeguarding and Critical Professional Practice

The Safeguarding and Critical Professional Practice Research Group, including UK and international academics, exists to prepare and support workers to make a significant impact upon the welfare outcomes for children and adults. The focus on safeguarding and critical professional practice seeks to influence the nature of service provision, but in particular will seek to critically assess the outcomes of service provision and whether this could/should be provided differently or more effectively. The research group is committed to working with service users, practitioners, managers and other stakeholders to co-produce research within a social justice framework.

Research Group

Substance Use and Addictive Behaviours (SUAB)

SUAB brings together academics from a wide range of disciplines within Manchester Metropolitan University, as well as nationally and internationally. Expertise includes:

  • Substance use, social care education and practice
  • User-led and involved research
  • Novel psychoactive substances, including chemical and forensic analysis
  • Substance use and co-existing health and social issues, such as mental health and domestic abuse
  • Substance use and criminal justice interventions
  • Drug markets
  • Evaluation of provider initiatives
  • Substance use across the life course including addictive behaviours in older age
  • Substance use and acute hospital care, managing pain after surgery/trauma
  • Substance use in sport and exercise

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Phone +44 (0) 161 247 2579

Twitter @SUABManMetUni

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