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Distance Learning Scholarships

Distance Learning PhD Scholarships

We are currently offering scholarships for high-quality individual applicants in Arts and Humanities, which will take the form of an annual discount on the standard fee. The scholarship is of the value of £1000 p.a. for full-time students, and £500 p.a. for part-time students, and in each case is payable for the duration of the course.

Supervision is available in the following subjects:
- Art, Design and Architecture
- Business and Management
- Contemporary Arts (including Theatre, Dance, Drama, and Music)
- English (including Creative Writing)
- Exercise
- Fashion and Clothing
- Film, TV and Cultural Studies
- History
- Hospitality / Events Management
- Information & Communications
- Languages
- Politics
- Philosophy
- Psychology
- Sociology (including Criminology)
- Sport
- Tourism Management

For more information on the subject areas in which the Distance Learning option is available, how to apply, fees and discounts visit our Distance Learning Research Degrees website or contact Dr Lloyd Strickland via

Scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis and cannot be guaranteed. Applicants wishing to be considered for a scholarship should indicate this on the application form.

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