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Humanities Scholarships

Our research centres (History Research Centre and Centre for Creative Writing, English Literature and Linguistics) boasts over ninety internationally recognised researchers creating exciting new work, from poetry and creative writing, to literary criticism, film studies, linguistics, archaeology, philosophy and history, everything from ancient Greece to the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. 

We are an integral part of Manchester’s ‘hunger for new ideas’ and position the humanities at the centre of this mission.

Researchers work in partnership with many cultural institutions, from theatre companies, museums to libraries, archives and galleries, communicating research beyond the University to local, regional and international audiences.

Check if you meet our standard university entrance requirements for research degrees. For details on applying see our applications page. You will also find it helpful to consult the fees information for potential Home/EU and Overseas students.

Guidance notes for applicants

For enquiries, please contact the research degree team at

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Self-funded Research Degree Opportunities

Unless a specific date is given, the self-funded opportunities are open throughout the year.

Submit your own idea for a Self-funded PhD

Self-funded research degree opportunities within the Faculty of Arts and Humanities are open throughout the year.

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