Funding Schemes

Opportunities available to develop high-quality research, impact and innovation

The University’s Research and Knowledge Exchange Directorate has launched a comprehensive portfolio of funding streams to support the ambitions of the new Research and Knowledge Exchange Strategy.

Application Deadlines :

Impact Generator- 2nd April, 7th May, 4th June

Business Engagement Seed Funding  - 3rd April, 1st May, 4th June

BSA Media 13 April 2018

SME Fund 2nd April 2018

Early Career Fellowship Scheme 25th April 2018


Funding for research development

The Research(er) Development Fund aims to grow the University’s research capability by providing:

  • Support for researchers at the start of their careers
  • Opportunities to enable International networking
  • Funding to collaborate with individuals and organisations outside Manchester Met University
  1. Research Accelerator Grants (up to £5000)
    To enable researchers to do the development work required to prepare a submission for funding. (Scheme now closed)

  2. Research(er) Development Fellowships (up to £4000)
    To support researchers to gain experience in another sector or in another country. (Scheme now closed)

  3. International Network Fund (up to £3000)
    To support the development of international research. (Scheme now closed)

  4. International Visiting Researcher Scheme (up to £3000)
    To support visits from leading researchers to undertake joint research. (Scheme now closed)

  5. Early Career Fellowships Scheme (up to £500)
    To develop fellowship applications with incoming early career researchers.

    Research Development Fund Application Form

    Research Development Fund Details

    Deadline: 25th April 2018

  6. PVC Research and Knowledge Exchange Early Career Researcher of the Year (£1000 prize for personal development)
    Awarded to a new researcher, who has demonstrated outstanding achievements in their field. (Further details to be released later this year)

Funding for research impact

The Impact Generator Fund aims to:

  • Maximise potential impacts arising from high quality research conducted at Manchester Met University.
  • Support the development of compelling, high-quality and well evidenced impact case studies for REF 2021 and beyond.


  1. Small Awards (up to £1000)
    A small investment to support the development and enhancement of impact.

    Deadlines: 2nd April, 7th May, 4th June

    IGF Small Awards Form

  2. Flexible Awards (up to £10,000)
    Funding for a range of activities associated with the pursuit of high-quality impact. (Scheme now closed)

  3. Public Engagement Fellowships (up to £5000)
    Awarded to individuals who wish to pursue high-quality public engagement underpinned by research. (Scheme now closed)‌

  4. MetroPolis Chancellor’s Fellowships (up to £9000)
    To translate high-quality research into major policy impacts. (Scheme now closed)
    MetroPolis Chancellor's Fellowship Scheme FAQs

  5. British Science Association Media Fellowships
    A unique opportunity for scientists to receive mentoring from a professional journalist whilst spending 2-6 weeks at the heart of a world-class media organisation.

    Deadline: 13 April 2018

    BSA Personal Specification - Media Fellowships
    BSA Media Fellowships Application Form

  6. The PVC impact Prize (£1000 prize for personal development)
    Awarded to any individual or group who can evidence the achievement of outstanding impact underpinned by high quality research. Nominations will be invited by Faculty Heads of RKE. Contact the Impact and Engagement team for further details (Further details to be released later this year)

Funding for business engagement

These funds aim to encourage innovative knowledge exchange projects with businesses.

  1. Business Engagement Seed Fund (BESF) (up to £2000)
    To support small-scale initiatives and new contacts with external organisations that are likely to lead to sustainable income or impact.

    Deadlines: 3rd April, 1st May, 4th June

    Business Engagement Seed Fund Application Form
    Business Engagement Seed Fund Guidance

  2. SME and other Business Engagement Fund (SOEF) (up to £5000 for one project worth £10000)
    To encourage more small and medium-sized businesses to work with the University for the first time.

    Deadline: 2nd April 2018

    SME Application Form
    SME Guidance

  3. Innovation and Industrial Engagement Fund (IIEF) (between £20,000 – £40,000)
    To generate innovative knowledge exchange projects that are likely to generate significant sustainable income and impact. (Scheme now closed)

    Innovation and Industrial Engagement Application Form
    Innovation and Industrial Engagement Fund Guidance

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