Manchester Metropolitan University


Having a conference paper accepted for international publication helped final year student Zeki secure employment before graduating.

The paper, A Novel Automatic Log File Analyser for Mac OS X Forensics is a tool that allows the extraction of information from log files found during an investigation. Zeki enjoyed his time at university from the outset: "I absolutely loved my course and got a lot out of it from the very start. In the first year we had an introduction to forensic computing and it looked really interesting so I elected to pursue that and I was pleased I did."

And Zeki’s passion has grown stronger over the last two years as he moved into his final modules."I have had fantastic help and support from my tutor from day one. "

"She was always available and would sometimes answer questions literally within minutes. She helped give me the confidence to do my paper which, as an undergraduate, I never thought I’d be able to do: I wouldn’t have thought it possible but for the guidance and encouragement I had from my tutor. To have a paper published at international conference is amazing."

Zeki will be soon be starting his graduate role with Zentek Forensics in Manchester. He is embarking on his professional career happy that he’s doing exactly what he wants to be doing work-wise – and with a very impressive reference!


Emma was looking for a broader course than most Universities were offering. She came to Manchester Met for course but fell in love with Manchester soon after.


Emma had good IT experience but hadn’t done any computer programming, and wanted a degree that would give her a wide base of knowledge: "I didn’t want to do Computer Science and that’s all that most universities offered. I was looking for a broader course and this BSc Computing degree gave me more options."

As Emma had hoped, the first year of the course was a broad base of learning to bring everyone up to speed: "In the second and third years I got to choose my modules, but I didn’t know anything about them when I first came to university so Computing was the ideal course. I chose object-orientated programming in the second year which was what I was looking for when I arrived – but didn’t know how to get there then!"

Emma’s biggest challenge came in her third year project: "I worked on it every day throughout the year. It was a tool for data analysis queries. I created a software tool that took in normal user language and converted it for the query in the background; and then put the answer back to the user in natural language. There was a lot of written work which I hadn’t fully anticipated, but I was delighted at the end."

"The support I got from the Faculty was really good. I just emailed my tutors if I needed help and they always had the time to see me. The support at exam time was helpful too, with tutors offering extra help for anyone who wanted more guidance on any subject as the exams approached. In fact, throughout my degree I never felt like I was on my own."


Software developer Sarah now specialises in using Microsoft technologies working for a .NET consultancy in Altrincham.

The consultancy firm supports retail clients including Hotel Chocolat and Jack Wills clothing. Sarah interacts with other developers, business analysts and project managers on a daily basis and she credits her Manchester Met degree course with building a strong foundation for her future career.

"The course put emphasis not only on learning fundamental computer science and programming but also upon lots of team work. Software development teaches other skills such as project management and modelling techniques and I knew these skills would help me get a job. Throughout my course I gained confidence as a developer and also in project management techniques. And at the end the careers service at Manchester Met was there to help for up to three years after graduating. They have lots of resources and information to help you find a job and can organise practice interviews."

Sarah was able to find work as a software developer quickly after graduating and has never looked back. "Now I have three years industry experience. I am still learning new technologies all the time, and I do feel I chose the right course for the job I do.

"I enjoyed my time at Manchester Met and value the opportunities it gave to study particular areas of interest. I was able to try out and learn about lots of different technologies which was fun. We were taught up-to-date programming languages which really helps to prepare you for work. Friends elsewhere who studied computing told me how they were taught out-dated languages.

"And I also really enjoyed being part of the many clubs and social societies at Uni. They added to the friendly, community atmosphere during my studies."


For Maths graduate Catherine Povah, life as a student in Manchester was the ideal environment for academic pursuit.

For Maths graduate Catherine Povah, life as a student in Manchester was the ideal environment for academic pursuit. So much so that after leaving the big city on graduation, Catherine returned within two years to progress her career – this time with an accountancy training contract with Price Waterhouse Coopers.

When Catherine left school at 18 she worked in a bank but over time felt that the prospects of advancement were limited. So she broadened her options by starting a maths degree at Manchester Metropolitan:

“If I’d carried on in the bank I’d have got stuck. And it was natural for me to study maths because it was my strongest subject. I enjoyed my degree: the programme was always being improved and the academic staff were helpful and receptive.”

Catherine chose to do a module in mathematics and computer graphics in virtual environments: “There’s a diverse choice, not just pure maths. There were other modules like finance and operations which were great if your focus was more on applied, vocational learning. I wanted to try different things and since graduating I’ve benefited from the wide variety of topics I studied.”

After graduation, Catherine started work at Baker Tilly accountants in Chester but she missed Manchester: “I love it here. I love the city life – the shopping and night life. Also, I was attracted to the city again because I was sure that I would have better career prospects and support. I joined Price Waterhouse Coopers in Manchester and they liked the fact I had experience.”

Catherine is currently working for Price Waterhouse Coopers’ tax department doing international structuring for overseas tax and HMRC queries. She continues to draw on her University experience: “I’m sitting exams now and my practice of exam preparation at University has taught me effective time management and how to organise myself under pressure.”