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  • Academic Biography

    Academic and professional qualifications

    Patrick undertakes research and publishes in the area of 'race', diversity and difference with a particular focus on 'race' disproportionality and differential treatment within the Criminal Justice System. Most recently Patrick has jointly undertaken research into 'Gangs' and Youth Violence on behalf of Greater Manchester Probation Trust and Manchester City Council as part of the Home Office Ending Gangs and Youth Violence (EGYV) initiative (2012-2013). In addition, he has been involved in the development, design and implementation of Criminal Justice and Voluntary and Charitable sector (VCS) interventions premised upon the principles of empowerment for a number of local and regional statutory and VCS organisations. In conjunction with colleagues in the Policy Evaluation and Research Unit (PERU), he has been extensively involved in the evaluation of short-term prisoner resettlement projects delivered by HMP Manchester and HMP Preston.

    Patrick's teaching is informed and enhanced by his extensive academic, research and evaluation experience providing his students with a 'real-world' context to our understanding of 'crime', deviance and control.  He completed his first degreee in BA (Hons) Social Science at the Manchester Metropolitan University in 1997.  In 2002, he completed his MA (Econ) in Crime, Law and Society at the University of Manchester.  He is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (HEA) following completion of the PGC-AP in 2009. He is currently undertaking his PhD at Lancaster University under the supervision of Professor David Smith and Dr. Paul Iganski. 

    Previous Employment

    1997-2007 - Research and Evaluation Officer, Greater Manchester Probation Trust. Oakland House, Talbot Road, Manchester.

    Other academic service (administration and management)

    A member of the IHSSR Reseach Cluster - Politics of Race and Difference (PRD)

    I am a staff representative for the Student Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC), department of Sociology

    MA Criminology Dissertation Coordinator

  • Teaching & Research Supervision

    Undergraduate courses

    Patrick Williams has Joint Unit Leader (with Becky Clarke) responsibilities for

    Criminal Justice Now (Year 1)

    Crime, Deviance and Control (Year 3)

    He is Unit Leader for

    Diversity, Dffierence and (the limits of) Criminology (Year 3)

    Postgraduate teaching

    Patrick (along with Becky Clarke) also offers an option on 'Diversity' for the MA in Criminology module Critiquing Crime and Justice.

    MA Criminology, Dissertation Coordinator (2014 onwards)

    External examiner roles

    External Examiner, University of Westminster, BA Criminology and Criminal Justice (2011 - present)

  • Research Expertise, Publications & Grants

    Research expertise

    Patrick has been involved in the design, delivery and dissemination of research and evaluation projects for over 18 years. He has undertaken work for local and national voluntary and charitable organisations (VCS) and criminal justice statutory organisations.  He is competent in the use of a broad range of quantitative and qualitiative approaches in order to respond to pertinent (and perennial) research questions.

    He is currently undertaken his PhD under the supervision of Professor David Smith and Dr Paul Iganski at the University of Lancaster on the subject of 'Becoming the Other:  the problematisation of post-war Jamaican immigrants and their descendants.'  

    Research Interest

    'Race' and the Criminal Justice System

    Diversity, Difference and Criminology

    The development and evaluation of Criminal Justice Interventions

    Negative constructions of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) groups and communities

    The Prison Industrial Complex


    Alternative responses to 'crime'

    Academic collaborations

    Study into Care Leavers in the Criminal Justice System with Claire Fitzpatrick (University of Lancaster) on behalf of Care Leavers Association and Greater Manchester Probation Trust. Project competion August 2014.   

    Established in 2010, the 'Manchester Roundtable Group for BME support' is a group dedicated to the provision of a critical voice in relation to (social and criminal justice) policy and practice which has a disproportionate and discriminatory impact upon BAME individuals, groups and communities.  The group is also concerned with the provision of up to date research and evaliaton material to support the development of more social justice responses to address racial disproportionality and inequality. 

    • Current work in progress

      • Refereed journal articles

        Smithson, H., Ralphs, R. & Williams, P. (2013) Used and Abused: The Problematic usage of the term gang and its implications for ethnic minority youth. British Journal of Criminology. 53 (1): 113-128.

        Ralphs, R., Smithson, H. and Williams, P. (2011) ‘Developments in Gang policy and Policing in the UK: Who are labelled and why does it matter’ Conference proceedings: Crime, Justice and Social Democracy - An international conference, School of Justice, QUT, 25-28 September 2011. (isbn:978-0-9871533-2-6)

        Fox, C., Smyth, G., and Williams, P. (2009) ‘Findings from an interim evaluation of Peer Panels – a form of restorative justice’,Cahiers Politiestudies.

        Williams, P. and Clarke, R. (2008) ‘A perpetual sense of crisis…how to spend the £40 Million?’ Safer Communities Vol 7, (3)

        Durrance, P. and Williams, P. (2003) 'Broadening the agenda around what works for Black and Asian offenders'.  Probation Journal, Vol 50 (3), 211-224. 

      • Chapters in books

        Williams, P. Designing and delivering programmes for Black and Minority Ethnic Offenders in Priestley, P. and Vanstone, M. (eds) (2010) Offenders or citizens: readings in rehabilitation. Devon: Willan Publishing.

        Williams, P. and Durrance, P. (2007) Black Minority Ethnic Offenders in Canton, R. and Hancock, D. (ed) Dictionary of Probation and Offender Management. Cullumpton: Willan.

        Williams, P. (2005) ‘Designing and delivering programmes for minority ethnic offenders’ in Smith, D., Raynor, P., Lewis, S., Wardak, A. (ed) Race and Probation. Cullumpton: Willan.

      • Other

        Outputs and dissemination

        Fitzpatrick, C. and Williams, P. (2014) Study into the needs of Care Leavers in the Criminal Justice System: Evaluation of the Clear Approach programme on behalf of Care Leavers Association and Greater Manchester Probation Trust. Project completion date, Agust 2014.

        Silver, D, Clarke, B., Lone, A. and Williams, P. (2014) 'The Centre for Social Justice:  Decision-based, evidence-making to punish the poor?' Discover Society.  http://www.discoversociety.org/2014/05/06/the-centre-for-social-justice-decision-based-evidence-making-to-punish-the-poor/

        Williams, P. (2014) ‘The police, gangs and racism’. (commentary piece) Centre for Crime and Justice Studies. London. http://www.crimeandjustice.org.uk/resources/police-gangs-and-racism

        Williams, P., Kinsella, R. and Crossley, C (2013) Gangs and Youth Violence in Manchester City - revisiting the problem profile. Final report prepared for Manchester City Council and the Violent Gangs Board.

        Clarke, R., Williams, P. and Crossley, C. (2012) Gangs and Youth Violence in Manchester City: A problem profile. Final report prepared for Manchester City Council.

        PERU (2011) Evaluation of the Inside Out prison resettlement project. Interim report prepared for HMP Preston.

        Williams, P. (2011) Evaluation of the Self-esteem and self-empowerment (SENSE) project. Report prepared for Manchester Active Voices Youth Empowerment (MAVEP).

        Smithson, H., Ralphs, R., Williams, P., Monchuk, L & Fox, C. (2010) Violent Gangs in Northville. Final report prepared for Northville's Safer and Stronger Partnership.

        PERU (2010) Evaluation of the HMP Manchester Choose Change prison resettlement project. Report prepared for HMP Manchester and the Oglesby Foundation .

        Williams, P. and Fitzgerald, M. (2009) Evaluation of the implementation of the Minimum DataSet (MDS). On behalf of Matrix Consultancy, report prepared for Greater Manchester Local Criminal Justice Board. (The MDS is a monitoring tool for measuring ‘actual’ levels of ethnic disproportionality throughout Criminal Justice Agencies).

        Williams, P. and Fitzgerald, M. (2008) Evaluation of the Minimum DataSet (responsibility for the Greater Manchester and North Wales areas). Report prepared for the Office for Criminal Justice Reform.

        Williams, P. (2007) Final report on the Home Office Pathfinders groupwork programmes for Black and Asian offenders. Report prepared for the Home Office on behalf of the Greater Manchester Probation Trust.

        Conferences (recent)

        Williams, P., Ralphs, R. and Smithson, H. (2012) 'Ganging up on the gang: Reflections on control agencies and the (mis)use of the gang label'. Paper presented to the 40th European Group for the Study of Deviance and Social Control conference, Nicosia, Cyprus.

        Smithson, H., Ralphs, R and Williams, P (2012) Policing Contemporary youth formations: The significance of appropriate labeling for successful interventions and engagement. 12th Eurogang Conference, Stockholm, Sweden.

        Ralphs, R., Smithson, H and Williams, P. (2011) Developments in Gang Policy and Policing in the UK: Who are labelled and why does it matter? Paper presented to the Crime, Justice and Social Democracy Conference, Brisbane, Australia.

        Ralphs, R., Smithson, H and Williams, P. (2011) What’s in a name and why does it matter? From violent (Asian) gangs to troublesome youth groups, drug dealers, extended family networks and criminal entrepreneurs. York Deviancy Conference, University of York.

        Applied Research Outputs

        Williams, P. (2007) Compliance and Offender Management: An exploration of critical success factors. Greater Manchester Probation Area: Manchester.

        Williams, P. (2005) ‘Designing and delivering programmes for minority ethnic offenders’ in Smith, D., Raynor, P., Lewis, S., Wardak, A. (ed) Race and Probation. Willan: London.

        Williams, P. (2004). Evaluation of the ‘After Custody on Release Network’ (ACORN) Resettlement project. Greater Manchester Probation Area: Manchester.

        Williams, P. (2004). Evaluation of the Drug Treatment and Testing Order. Greater Manchester Probation Area: Manchester.

        Williams, P. and Van Arendsen, J. (2004) ‘Are your needs being met? A report exploring Diversity within North West approved premises.’ Greater Manchester Probation Area: Manchester.

        Williams, P. (2003) Evaluation of the Think First for Black and Asian offenders’ Groupwork programme. Greater Manchester Probation Area: Manchester.

        Williams P and Pourmehdi, M. (1998) Black Voices, telling us what they think. Partners of Prisoners (POPS).

    • Publications

      • Other



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