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Staff striders: lunch walk on Wednesdays

Wednesday, 11th January 2017 – Wednesday, 22nd March 2017

• Do you love to socialise and feel like you need a break from your desk?
• Did you know nearly 80% of adults fail to meet the targets set by UK government for taking part in moderate exercise (5 x 30mins a week)
• Do you enjoy collecting free goodies?

Gt active and do something different this lunch, don’t be part of the 80%!

We meet at 12:30pm in the Business School reception under the main screen every Wednesday from 11th January.

There are lots of goodies to gain as you walk too, from free ponchos to travel mugs and stress balls.

What to wear? You’re fine to walk in your work gear, although big heels may not be a good idea, and we know winter is here so bring a scarf, hat and jacket– we have a Museum walk planned in case of heavy rain/ snow weeks . 
Worried about getting back in time? If you are worried about being back before your lunch break finishes, don’t be! We always make sure the walks are back between 1:00-1:10pm, giving you enough time to get back to your work station.
Please book your place on the upcoming walks via the online shop. 

Event contact: Abi Dean · 0161 247 6881 ·