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Free sport and activities

We want you to be able to try new activities and rely on old favourites. So we've scheduled a range of free sports, activities and classes on and around campus.
You can simply turn up to - no booking, no fee, no kit needed - just turn up in the right clothes and frame of mind! 

Students don't have all the fun, staff are welcome at any of these free sessions too. 

We've combined all the free activities we have offered under Active Campus and Active Lifestyles into one handy timetable for you to download:

Timetable for Manchester: 26th September onwards


Time Activity Where
0930-1030 Bootcamp Workout Platt Lane
1200-1400  Table Tennis The Union 
1230-1330 Express Yoga (mat work)  The Union 
1300-1330 Express Yoga (stand & stretch)  The Union 
1630-1800  Badminton  Sugden Sports Centre 
1730-1830 Bangracise   The Union
1800-2000 Men's Football   Sugden Sports Centre 
  • Check out class descriptions.


Time Activity Where
1200-1300 Swimming  Manchester Aquatics Centre 
1200-1300 Badminton  Sugden Sports Centre 
1230-1330 Body Flow  Brooks (Drama Studio)
1700-1820 Squash   Sugden Sports Centre
1700-1800  Men's Football Trinity High School 
1800-1900 Women's Football  Sugden Sports Centre 
1800-1900  Zumba The Union 
1800-1900  02 Touch Rugby  Platt Lane
1800-1900 Circuits   Brooks (Sports Hall)
1900-2000 Dodgeball   Sugden Sports Centre
1900-2000  Women's Basketball  Sugden Sports Centre 
2030-2200  Indoor Cricket  Brooks (Sports Hall)
2100-2200  Futsal  Sugden Sports Centre
  • Check out class descriptions.



Time Activity Where
0930-1030 Box Fit Platt Lane 
1230-1300  Express Pilates  The Union 
1300-1330  Express Pilates  The Union 
1300-1500  Softball  Platt Lane 
1330-1430  Women's Swimming  Manchester Aquatics Centre 
1400-1600 Social Tennis  Alexandra Park 
1700-1800  Boxercise  The Union 
1800-1900 Women's Strength and Conditioning  Platt Lane 
2000-2200  Badminton  Sugden Sports Centre


Time Activity Where
1200-1300 Swimming  Manchester Aquatics Centre
1230-1330 Meditation  The Union 
1630-1730 Back to Netball  Sugden Sports Centre 
1630-1730 Cardio Tennis  Sugden Sports Centre 
1645-1730 Jogging Club  All Saints Park 
1700-1800  Women's Mash It Up  Brooks (Sports Hall) 
1730-1830  Touch Tennis  Sugden Sports Centre 
1800-1900 PiYo  Brooks (Sports Hall) 
1800-1900  Men's Football  Platt Lane 
1800-1900  Futsal  Sugden Sports Centre 
1830-2030  Basketball  Sugden Sports Centre 
2030-2230  Volleyball  Sugden Sports Centre 


Time Activity Where
0930-1030  Bootcamp Workout Platt Lane 
 1200-1400 Table Tennis  The Union 
1200-1320  Squash  Sugden Sports Centre 
1230-1300  Express Yoga (Mat)  The Union 
1300-1330 Express Yoga (Stand and stretch)  The Union
1630-1730  Volleyball  Sugden Sports Centre 
1730-1830  Wheelchair Basketball  Sugden Sports Centre
1730-1830  Womens Hula Hoop Fitness  Sugden Sports Centre
1815-1915  Women's Self Defence  Sugden Sports Centre
1830-1930  Badminton  Sugden Sports Centre
1930-2030  Dodgeball  Sugden Sports Centre
1930-2030  Basketball  Sugden Sports Centre


Time Activity Where
1200-1400 Table Tennis  The Union 
1200-1320  Squash  The Union 
1330-1530  Badminton   Sugden Sports Centre
1330-1530  Futsal   Sugden Sports Centre
1500-1700  Basketball    Sugden Sports Centre

Timetable for Crewe: 26th September onwards


Time Activity Where
1630-1800 Men's Just Play Football 3G outdoor pitch
1700-1800 Circuits Gymnasium
1900-2030 Zumba Gymnasium


Time Activity Where
1700-1800 Badminton Sports Hall A+B
1800-1900 Futsal Sports Hall A+B 
1830-2030 Cheerleading Gymnasium
1900-2000 Dodgeball Sports Hall B 



Time Activity Where

5-aside football league*

3G outdoor pitch 
1300-1500  Archery  Gymnasium 
1900-2030  Boxing Gymnasium

*Teams must be registered to play



Time Activity Where
1700-1800 Badminton Sports Hall A+B
1800-1900 Handball Sports Hall A
1800-1900 Netball  Sports Hall B
1900-2000 Futsal  Sports Hall A+B
2000-2200 Softball Sports Hall A


Time Activity Where
1700-1800 5-a-side football Sports Hall A
1700-1800 Cricket Sports Hall B
1800-1900  Volleyball Sports Hall A
1800-1900  Basketball Sports Hall B

Get into Active Campus Campus Leagues

Class descriptions


Follow the routines that boxers use to stay fit with one of the most effective forms of cross training available. This is a fun, safe, stress-busting workout, suitable for all ages and levels of ability.  



Circuits is a multi-station workout incorporating strength work, agility drills and core stability training. With a friendly group atmosphere, this class is ideal for those looking to start strength training and seasoned trainers alike.


Core Development

Get the abs you've always wanted with this fantastic mix of core strength, flexibility and abdominal conditioning.


Express Yoga

Doing a small amount something is better than doing a large amount of nothing. Both of our 30 minute Express Yoga sessions are open to all ability levels, mixing mat-based stretching with standing exercises to develop strength and get the heart rate going.  Either of the classes will set you up for a productive and positive second half of the day as well as introduce you to the excellent health benefits of yoga. 

Early Bird Fitness

Start your day with an energetic burst on the spinning bike or some mountain climbers to get those legs working hard. This express circuit style session will set you up for the rest of the day and have you burning calories fast.

Hula Hoop Fitness

Hula Fitness is a great, low-impact way to keep fit and dance. It’s fun to learn and there are loads of tricks and fun ways to move and dance with hula hoops. No co-ordination, rhythm, dance experience needed, just the willingness to learn and have fun.


Jogging Club

Led by one of our Run Leaders. Our jogging club has two levels of runs available, 5k and 2k. The club is ideal for those who are already regulars but want to join in the group feel and make friends along the run or likewise those who want to get into running in a safe and welcoming environment.

Kinisi Flow

Kinisi Flow is a body weight training system, geared towards Improving mobility, building strength and flexibility and maximise the movement potential of the human body. This class effectively retrain your body to reclaim its natural ability to move with elegance, strength, power and speed. 


Take time out of your day to relax, remove stress and replace it with a dose of inner peace. It’s one of the best tools we have to balance our emotions, deal with physical and psychological distress, and promote the peace of the present moment. Don’t worry if you’ve never tried it before it’s a welcoming environment for all.



PiYo is a unique blend of strength training and core conditioning – a perfect combination of pilates and yoga set to vibrant music. It is all about energy, power and rhythm.  If there is one class that can change your body – this is it!


Rave Fitness

Rave fitness delivers blended dance moves and stretches to the beat of 90s-inspired dance music. This class is guaranteed to help you meet new people, burn some calories and leave the session with a huge smile on your face. You don't need to be a great dancer. All are welcome.