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Free sport and activities

‌‌‌‌We want you to be able to try new activities and rely on old favourites. So we've scheduled a range of free sports, activities and classes on and around campus.
You can simply turn up to - no booking, no fee, no kit needed - just turn up in the right clothes and frame of mind! 

Students don't have all the fun, staff are welcome at any of these free sessions too. 

We've combined all the free activities we have offered under Active Campus and Active Lifestyles into one handy timetable for you to download. These free activities run from April 24th to May 28th, with some continuing over the summer. 

Don't know your Zumba from your Circuits? Check out our Fitness class descriptions.

You can now pre-book each week for yoga, boxercise, zumba and pilates classes. Visit the online shop for booking. 

Timetable for Manchester: 16th January to 26th March


Time Activity Where

Table Tennis

The Union 
1230-1330 Express Yoga (mat work)  The Union 
1300-1330 Express Yoga (stand & stretch) The Union 
1300-1400 Yoga (starts 13th Feb) Brooks (Drama Studio)
1630-1800  Badminton Sugden Sports Centre
1800-2000  Mens's Football Sugden Sports Centre 


Time Activity Where
0700-0820 Early morning squash Sugden Sports Centre
0930-1030 Bootcamp Workout Platt Lane
1200-1300 Swimming  Manchester Aquatics Centre  
1130-1330 Badminton  Sugden Sports Centre 
1300-1345 Mindful movement and meditation St Peters Chaplaincy (Oxford Rm)
1700-1800 Ultimate frisbee Sugden Sports Centre
1700-1820 Squash  Sugden Sports Centre
1700-1800 Men's Football Trinity High School 
1800-1900 Women's Football  Sugden Sports Centre 
1800-1900 Zumba The Union 
1800-1900 02 Touch Rugby Platt Lane
1800-1900 High Octane (Circuits) Brooks (Sports Hall)
1900-2000 Dodgeball  Sugden Sports Centre
2000-2100  Women's Basketball  Sugden Sports Centre 
2000-2100 Twilight yoga Students Union (Dance Studio)
2030-2200 Indoor Cricket Brooks (Sports Hall)
2100-2200 Futsal Sugden Sports Centre 


Time Activity Where
0930-1030 Box Fit Platt Lane 
1230-1300  Express Pilates (Corrective Posture) The Union 
1300-1330  Express Pilates (Mat) The Union 
1330-1430 Women's Gaelic Football Platt Lane Sport Complex
1330-1430 Women's Swimming Manchester Aquatics Centre
1400-1600 Outdoor Tennis Alexandra Park
1600-1800 Table Tennis League Students Union (Main Hall)
1700-1800 Boxercise The Union
2000-2200  Badminton  Sugden Sports Centre


Time Activity Where
0930-1030 Bootcamp workout Platt Lane Sports Complex
1200-1300 Swimming  Manchester Aquatics Centre
1230-1315 Mindful Stretching Student Union (Dance Studio)
1630-1730 Back to Netball  Sugden Sports Centre 
1630-1730 Cardio Tennis  Sugden Sports Centre 
1645-1730 Jogging Club  All Saints Park 
1700-1745  Dance Fitness  Brooks (Sports Hall) 
1630-1830  Indoor Tennis  Sugden Sports Centre 
1800-1900 Ab Fusion Brooks (Sports Hall) 
1800-1900  Men's Football  Platt Lane 
1800-1900  Futsal  Sugden Sports Centre 
1830-2030  Basketball  Sugden Sports Centre 
2000-2100 Twilight yoga Students Union (Conference Room)
2030-2230  Volleyball  Sugden Sports Centre 


Time Activity Where
1200-1400 Table Tennis  Students Union (Main Hall)
1200-1320  Squash  Sugden Sports Centre 
1230-1300  Express Yoga (Mat)  The Union 
1300-1330 Express Yoga (Stand and stretch)  The Union
1630-1730  Volleyball  Sugden Sports Centre 
1730-1830  Wheelchair Basketball  Sugden Sports Centre
1730-1830  Womens Hula Hoop Fitness  Sugden Sports Centre
1815-1915  Women's Self Defence  Sugden Sports Centre
1830-1930  Badminton  Sugden Sports Centre
1930-2030  Dodgeball  Sugden Sports Centre
1930-2030  Basketball  Sugden Sports Centre


Time Activity Where
1130-1330 Futsal Sugden Sports Centre
1200-1320  Squash  The Union 
1300-1500 Goal Ball Brooks (Sports Hall)
1330-1530  Badminton  Sugden Sports Centre
1500-1700  Basketball   Sugden Sports Centre

Timetable for Crewe: 9th January to 26th March


Time Activity Where
1630-1800 Men's Just Play Football 3G outdoor pitch
1700-1800 Circuits Gymnasium
1900-2030 Zumba Gymnasium


Time Activity Where
1700-1800 Badminton Sports Hall A+B
1800-1900 Futsal Sports Hall A+B 
1830-2030 Cheerleading Gymnasium
1900-2000 Netball Sports Hall B 


Time Activity Where

5-aside football league*

3G outdoor pitch 
1300-1500  Archery  Gymnasium 
1900-2030  Boxing Gymnasium

*Teams must be registered to play



Time Activity Where
1700-1800 Badminton Sports Hall A+B
1800-1900 Basketball Sports Hall A
1800-1900 Netball  Sports Hall B
1900-2000 Futsal  Sports Hall A+B
2000-2200 Softball Sports Hall A


Time Activity Where
1700-1800 Drop in sports Sports Hall A+B
1800-1900  Volleyball Sports Hall A
1800-1900  Basketball Sports Hall B

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