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Research Degrees in

Exercise and Ageing Physiology

in the Cheshire Campus

Opportunities are available to study for the research degrees of MSc, MPhil, PhD, either full-time or part-time.

Our research pursues the study of human physiological function during exercise and in response to stressors such as training, loading, overuse, sedentarism and ageing.

We apply imaging techniques, functional assessments in vivo, materials investigation, endocrine profiling and molecular genetic techniques to study properties of muscle, tendon and bone.

We have strong links within the wider MMU Health Research community. We also have ongoing activities with external clinical partners, equipment manufacturers and competitive sporting organisations.

The Exercise and Ageing Physiology research programme

  • Neuromusculotendinous mechanics and function in specific populations
  • Molecular risk factors for exercise-related injury and illness
  • Genomics of exercise ability and performance
  • Physiotherapeutic interventions in neuromusculoskeletal medicine
  • Nutritional and exercise interventions to improve function during ageing
  • Overuse and injury of bone and tendon
  • Facial injuries and protective devices in sport


Before applying for a research degree, applicants should have a preliminary discussion with a member of staff to discuss a proposed research project. 
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