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Research Degrees in

Motor Cognition & Psychophysiology

in the Cheshire Campus

Opportunities are available to study for the research degrees of MSc, MPhil and PhD, either full-time or part-time.

Our research impacts at many levels of human performance in the sport and clinical domains.

Broad in scope, our nationally- and internationally-renowned research ranges from laboratory-based work examining the use of video and motor imagery to support skill learning to work in the stroke community developing therapeutic interventions to support motor (re)learning.

Our interdisciplinary work has roots in psychology and neuroscience and we employ a range of methodological tools including transcranial magnetic stimulation, electroencephalography, eye gaze registration, computational modelling, motion tracking and clinical assessment.

Current themes

  • Attention and decision making in simulated (re)learning
  • The mechanisms and efficacy of simulated (re)learning
  • Cognitive biases in the perception of chronic pain
  • Psychological issues in bodybuilding and strength training (including exercise dependence, muscle dysmorphia, steroid use and low back pain)
  • The psychophysiological aspects of extreme sports, health and wellbeing


Before applying for a research degree, applicants should have a preliminary discussion with a member of staff to discuss a proposed research project. 
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