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The quality assurance processes of Manchester Met's academic awards are aligned to the Quality Assurance Agency's UK Quality Code for Higher Education which sets out the expectations that UK Higher Education providers are required to meet in respect of:

  • Approval of new courses

  • Periodic Review of existing courses

  • Changes to existing courses or units

  • Discontinuation of existing courses

Institutional requirements and practice in relation to the above are articulated through the University's Policy for Programme Approval, Review and Amendment.

Timescales for Completion

The University requires all activity related to Programme Approval, Periodic Review and Amendments to Approved Provision to be completed by a set date to ensure that the central processes which support the student experience can be completed well in advance of students enrolling on new or revised provision.

Completion date deadlines for activities are set institutionally, and correspond to the requirements of a wide range of Professional Services and the need to ensure CMA compliance.

Published completion dates for HOME PROVISION are available here.

Published completion dates for COLLABORATIVE PROVISION are available here.