Outlining the policies for Manchester Met's student accommodation.

There are a number of policies in place to ensure Manchester Metropolitan University accommodation is a safe and comfortable space for all that reflect the University’s values. Please take some time to familiarise yourself with the policies and procedures in place.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

This policy applies to students who have booked a room in University owned or leased halls and cancel prior to moving in.

Cancellation and refund policy

Car Parking Policy

This policy applies to students who have purchased a parking permit by virtue of being resident in a Hall of Residence that has parking available.

Car Parking Policy

Complaints Procedure

Should you have a complaint regarding any element of your university accommodation or living arrangement, we have two routes: an informal procedure and a formal procedure.

Complaints Policy Complaint Form

Electrical Safety Policy

Outlining the safety requirements of any electrical appliances brought into university accommodation from home.

Electrical Safety Policy

Guest Policy

Day or overnight guests are permitted in your accommodation, though may need to be signed in at reception and adhere to a set of guest rules.

Guest Policy

Severe Weather Policy

Should severe weather conditions occur, this outlines how the university will ensure and maintain a safe environment for all residents in university accommodation.

Severe Weather Policy

Smoke Free Policy

As university accommodation is an enclosed public space – it needs to remain smoke free by law.

Smoke-free Policy

Student Code of Conduct Policy

Outlining the behaviour expected of students when on campus, in university accommodation and within the local community.

Student Code of Conduct

Contract Information