Health and Wellbeing

Manchester Met offers a multitude of ways to keep you happy and healthy at University.

Your health and wellbeing while living at Manchester Metropolitan University is very important. Once you arrive it is good to know that Manchester Met offer a range of support and services to ensure you maintain your health while living at university.

Keeping Healthy

Alongside the support which Manchester Met offers, there are a host of ways you can improve you own health while living at university. This begins by signing up with a doctor, taking advantage of our pastoral services and maintaining a balance of study, exercise and nutritional meals.


Manchester Met offers a multitude of sporting opportunities, with something for all interests and abilities. We offer excellent facilities and a varied programme of activities, alongside the chance to play sport competitively. We provide a scheme to “get into” new sports, a variety of activities available every week (over 60!) and an on-site gym.

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Healthy Eating

MetMUnch is Manchester Met’s student food network – a project offering support, guidance and site-specific events promoting healthy and sustainable eating. MetMUnch offer some handy healthy recipes and nutritional advice on their site. Keep your eyes peeled on campus as they are forever popping up at events, and are always on-hand to advise on all things healthy eating. We also host cafes at all of our campuses providing healthy food for a range of different diets and nutritional needs.

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Mental Health

Your mental health, happiness and wellbeing are every bit as important as your physical health, and Manchester Met offers a variety of ways to support and maintain this. We offer professional pastoral support, on-campus counselling and dedicated mental health help. We also offer a counselling service, which you can access by dropping into the service, or by phoning or email. You will be offered an initial 45 minute assessment appointment.


The University offers and facilitates access to a range of self-help services you can access online to support yourself through a range of issues. Including podcasts, interactive online portals, self-help guides and more.

Courses and Workshops

The University runs a range of courses and workshops across both campuses during term time, offering you coaching and support in managing your emotions. With specialist programmes in managing anger, assertiveness, social anxiety, mindfulness and more.

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Pastoral Support

The Residential Life team deliver assistance through advice, support and social events.  If you want to talk to your Residential Life team contact

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