Residential Advisors

Residential Advisors can support you settling into accommodation, with the chance to become one yourself.

The accommodation at Manchester Metropolitan University offers a comfortable flats and townhouses in which students from varying backgrounds and studying a variety courses live in a mutually-supportive environment.

Your accommodation will allow you the opportunity to develop a healthy balance between your academic studies, making friends and engaging with societies and events within the university and around Manchester. Students continue to inform us that their residential student experience is just as important as your academic pursuits. To ensure your experience is every bit as enriching as it should be, we offer in-house peer support, and advice through our Residential Advisors who are part of the Residential Life team.

Residential Advisors

Residential Advisors are an in-house team of second year, third year and postgraduate students who live in student accommodation. Their role is to offer support and advice about living in Manchester Met accommodation and information about accessing support across the university.

As part of this role, the RAs will provide events which give you the chance to meet students from across your Student Living complex and assist in creating the sense of belonging within your accommodation. The RAs visit flats and townhouses regularly, deliver and promote events, and run campaigns throughout the year.

RAs can help resolve student queries, flatmate concerns, study issues, and much more. Their own experience and knowledge of being a student means that they appreciate all of the questions you may have about living within MMU accommodation, even something like how to use the washing machine in the laundry. The RAs can offer advice and guidance and they also deliver a variety of events from a group trip to Ikea through to a regular film night.

The role of the RA through visiting, offering advice, events and a helping hand in meeting fellow students, will support an excellent student residential experience and a sense of belonging while living within MMU accommodation. Who knows you may wish to become a Residential Advisor yourself in the future.

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Would you like to be a Residential Advisor?

We are looking for applicants with excellent communication, customer service and team working skills to join our Residential Advisor team in September 2019. Second and third year students, as well as postgraduate students are eligible to apply and you must have experience of living in student accommodation (this can be private or University owned). In order to fulfil the role, you must will be required to live in university owned, leased or nominated accommodation for the entire academic year 2019/20.

Benefits and payment

Alumni have given feedback that the RA role has helped them to secure careers in….

To find out more about the Residential Advisor role, you can read the full Job Specification and Role Specification or contact the Residential Life team

How to apply

Applications are currently closed for the academic year 2019/20. The Residential Life team would be happy to take your details and place you on a waiting list in case applications reopen. Please email for further information.

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