There are a multitude of things to remember to do when you move in, from checking your insurance to getting familiar with the house rules.

Here, you’ll find all the important rules to be aware of, procedures you need to follow, bits you’ll need to get organised and a few handy hints of settling in comfortably.

Arriving and Key Collection

During the moving in weekend, there can be a higher volume of traffic so make sure you leave plenty of travel time to arrive on time for your key collection appointment. If you have a question about your appointment, please email us at

On arriving at your accommodation you will need to report to your designated key collection point and present your photo ID. You will receive either a key, swipe card or fob on arrival – depending on your accommodation choice as well as a welcome pack.

Find your key collection point

Please do not lend your keys, fob or swipe card to anyone, or leave them in the communal areas and avoid having your name or room number on your keyring in case it is lost or stolen. If you do lose your key, swipe card or fob please talk to your accommodation’s reception.


You will be allocated a time slot for parking while you move your belongings in, which will be sent three weeks before checking-in, via email.

Complete your check-in inspection

On arriving you should find a copy of your check-in inspection which is also an inventory of all the items found in your room. This is an opportunity to check whether anything in the room is missing or damaged, and will be important when you move out. When you leave an inspection is carried out by a member of staff and you will be charged for any missing or damaged items.

Your inventory needs to be completed within 48 hours of your arrival. If you do think that there is anything wrong with your inventory you should discuss this with a member of your accommodation’s staff.

Insuring your belongings

As part of your accommodation fee, you are covered by the university’s block insurance scheme for your possessions, provided by Endsleigh. It is important to check that the policy is adequate as you may need to take out further cover for particularly valuable possessions.

Find out more about your insurance cover

It is always a good idea to mark valuables with a security pen before you get here and register your property on the Immobilise website.

Meet Your Neighbours

Make the most of your first few days in university accommodation and introduce yourself to your neighbours.

The majority of students share facilities and so it is worth holding a meeting with your flatmates to discuss each other’s preferences and routines so you can all live comfortable together. You may want to discuss how you will share cleaning duties, washing up and taking out the rubbish.

Your Room

We want you to feel at home in your room, while ensuring your comfort and safety, alongside your flatmates’ comfort and security, too.

All bedrooms are provided with a notice board for pictures and posters as opposed to sticking them on the wall, which is not allowed as this will damage the paintwork and you may be charged for any damages when you move out. We also don t allow nails, tacks, pins, or screws to be driven into the walls.

Please make sure that your electrical equipment is electrically safe and meets the required standards.

More safety and security tips


Several of our Manchester accommodation buildings have televisions in communal areas. You are of course welcome to bring a television with you for your room. However, do make sure you get a TV license if you do.

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House Rules

Your accommodation is a place of study, rest and of course fun. However, being respectful of and considerate to your flatmates is essential to allow them to enjoy the comfort of the space as much as you. Once you have settled in to your accommodation, you may want to agree some house rules with your flatmates.

If you need support in matters relating to your flatmates or resolving a dispute, please contact our residential life team.


Living in student accommodation, you are responsible for keeping your space clean and contributing to the cleanliness of shared space. Take a look at some of our handy cleaning tips to see how you can make keeping clean manageable.

Moving In