Your Safety and Security

Find out how to stay safe and secure in your accommodation.

Manchester Metropolitan University offers a safe, secure and comfortable base for our students. Our accommodation provides a secure environment and there are a host of ways you can keep yourself safe.

Please ensure the safety of yourselves and flatmates by following our electrical and fire safety guidelines and making yourself aware of the evacuation procedures within your accommodation. Remember that when living in a vibrant metropolis to be aware of your own personal safety.

Personal Safety

Being aware of your personal safety is important whether you are living in university accommodation or not. Manchester Metropolitan University accommodation offers a number of ways to ensure both your personal safety and the safety of your belongings.

There are however a number of ways you can keep yourself safe and secure by following our bespoke staying safe tips.

Staying Safe Tips

For more safety tips and information you can download one of our campus 'Stay Safe' guides.

Staying Safe in Manchester


Electrical and Fire Safety

Decreasing the chances of a fire or electrical safety issue is very straightforward, ensure all electrical items are safe and in excellent working order. Once you arrive at your accommodation remember to attend your Welcome Talks to hear about safety when living in Manchester Met accommodation, you need to understand the correct procedures to help prevent a fire.

Electrical Safety

Any electrical appliances you bring with you to your accommodation must be electrically safe, working and with a good design in accordance with the Electrical Safety Policy. Electrical items should carry an ASTA/ BEAB kite mark or an equivalent European safety conformity marking that can usually be found on the actual body of the appliance. Use of electrical goods is your responsibility and at your own risk. Any non-working or broken items should not be used.

Fire precautions

Every resident has a responsibility to familiarise themselves with the fire procedures and to share responsibility for ensuring your own and your flatmate’s safety.

Accommodation is consistently equipped with heat detectors and smoke detectors, however, some sprays, steam and aerosols may set off the alarms, notify your reception if this occurs. In some cases the alarms may trigger a call out from the local fire service, and this can be a serious issue. Try to be aware of the detectors and use any items which trigger the alarm responsibly. The equipment provided is for your safety and must not be misused interfered with as this will result in disciplinary action.

For your safety and for the safety of others, please ensure that all doors are kept closed, including any interconnecting doors. All corridors should to be kept clear for fire escape routes and any items found here will be removed.

Any fire, however small, must be reported to your accommodation reception as soon as possible so that the damage can be assessed and the relevant safety appliances checked.

See contact details for your accommodation

Fire and Electrical Safety Tips

Evacuation procedure

If your safety or security is threatened, there is an evacuation procedure.

Please check the evacuation procedure and meeting point for your accommodation. If you suspect that someone has not been evacuated immediately inform the hall reception or the duty manager supervising the evacuation.

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